I had lots of energy yesterday (yay for the second trimester!) so I planned on running errands. Little did I know that a simple ‘supply run’ would take me to every craft store in town! However all that shopping now has me set for two of my swaps (needless to say, swap partners, don’t proceed):

So what all did I pick up and what do I plan on doing with it all?
For The Office swap, I purchased some iron on transfer sheets, some heart and solid white material, and a blue t-shirt. With the transfers, I plan on making two projects: 1) A MSDMSMPMCRAPFRFTC (Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure) shirt and logo and 2) an Andy Bernard pillow so she can cuddle up to her favorite character while watching the show.
The Once You Pop swap required more supplies which was difficult since everything needs to fit inside a Pringle’s can! For this swap I’ve decided to go with my partner’s favorite Christmas theme – Winter Wonderland (blues, silvers, whites, penguins, snowflakes, glitter, etc.). I found an absolutely gorgeous blue satin-y type material with glittery silver snowflakes and a blue cotton print with white and silver snowflakes that will become a clutch. Along with it, Joann’s had a fantastic rhinestone button that I couldn’t resist for a closure. With scrap material I plan on making a matching headband. I picked up supplies to make a marbled ornament in her preferred colors, stickers to decorate the can, and a few purchased items to stuff inside (a bracelet with a snowflake charm and bath beads).
After a trip to the grocery store (which I neglected to go to after all that craft shopping), I plan on getting to work on at least one project today. Partner’s are announced for my 3rd swap sometime tomorrow, but don’t expect any productivity there other than brainstorming for awhile – I think I may have my hands full with these two for at least another week!

5 thoughts on “Supplies

  1. Sheila

    Thanks for the cool headband link! I’ve been looking for ideas for Christmas presents and these will be perfect! I can always count on your blog to have just what I’m looking for and more!!!

  2. Tara

    Awesome- I can’t wait to see that office shirt. I am going to say it but i already know the answer: Did you see the office last night? Man. I had a bad day yesterday but felt so much better after last night’s show despite that it was 30 min. I am secretly in love with Dwight…shhh

  3. Amy

    3 swaps??!! You are crazy–but so much fun to read along with!! You are super creative –and swap partners are so very lucky!! The Office was great last night –Michael’s commercial was awesome –and for once, the Scranton office came up with something wonderful!!–too bad the bigwigs didn’t think so! So is life!

  4. stacy

    I loved their commercial too – so much better than the corporate version! I’m also really loving this whole Andy & Angela thing….

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