Friday Night

I am happy to report that the Friday Night Apron is finished!

Overall, I’m very pleased with the way the apron turned out. In fact, the ‘inside’ looks as great as the outside. I’m going to remember this the next time I use this pattern and make the whole thing reversible – nothing like getting two aprons in one! :

So let’s talk a bit about the pros and cons with this pattern. I’ll start with the bad stuff first:
Cons: Only part of the pattern pieces are given to you – you are responsible for cutting and measuring your own apron skirt, strings, and neckband. Additionally, the instructions calls for you to use a saucer to round out the edges of the skirt (something that I really don’t like doing because of a fear of unevenness!). The halter portion of this apron is also a bit large on me and I suspect will be on most who are not a larger cup size. If you’re looking for a perfect fit (is there such a thing in an apron?) you’ll have to fiddle around with the pattern a bit. My last minor complaint is about the pocket – although it’s cute, the pocket shape and size (horseshoe design) make it fairly non-functional. You’ll need to draft your own pocket on this one if you’re interested in holding something while you’re cooking.
Pros: Let’s face it, the biggest pro about this apron is the fact that it’s so adorable. I love the halter style of the design and there are several (subtle) changes you can make to this apron to give it a different look (adding rick rack trim, making the neck strap one piece or two). The directions are clear and are full of illustrations so even if this is your first time constructing an apron you shouldn’t have any problems. The other nice aspect of this project is that it’s not time consuming – if you had a long afternoon to sit and sew, you could easily get this apron finished. However, the best part about this apron is the fact, it’s fully lined. Not only does it keep you from having to make hems, but also makes a fantastic looking inside – so much so you could make this project fully reversible!

9 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. MeLisa

    Great job Stacy! I love the fabrics that you picked. You could make it from holiday themed fabrics too. Put Thanksgiving on one side & Christmas on the other! Or whatever holiday combo you want. That would make some great gifts.

  2. danette

    I just made this apron today. It fits pretty badly. The top is too small and I’m small chested but a size 8/10. I’d say overall, the pattern is not proportioned well.
    I won’t be making it again – in fact I threw away the pattern. the only thing I saved was the cute pocket because it really is sweet.
    The instructions were so-so, by the way.
    Mine looked cute on the dress frame but pretty awful on the body.

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