About That Apron

Since I haven’t produced an finished apron yet, I bet you’re thinking I’ve forgotten all about that project that I started last week. But, I promise you, I’ve been sewing! In fact, here’s what I have so far:

So far, this apron has gone together without too many glitches – I did attach the strap so that the bodice pieces were opposite each other (the outside edges were facing in) which caused me to have to grab the trusty seam ripper and reattach. ARG! Otherwise, this apron is looking pretty good inside and out. One thing I did notice is that this apron, even though it isn’t noted on the package, might be able to be made so that it’s reversible. It is fully lined and from reading the directions looks to have really nice finishes so I don’t see why your inside material can’t be as beautiful as the fabric on the outside.
Up tomorrow – a bit of news (o.k. big news) and updates!

6 thoughts on “About That Apron

  1. Tuesday

    Love that fabric…and the style of the bodice…just gorgeous.
    I can’t take the suspense! TOMORROW?? do you know how long that is??? ROFL… 😉 Can’t wait to hear some big news!

  2. Kris

    Love the apron so far! I’m curious to see how you like the pattern overall – I’m still looking for a good bib apron pattern that has some spunk 🙂 Looking forward to your big news!

  3. Anary

    WOW…if you are going to say what I am thinking it is huge!!!!!!Oh my I just thought one more thing….HUGE…Ok I am waking up at 6 am…east time….will I be on time? 🙂
    I loved how you matched the colors on this apron…beautiful!
    Ok see you at 6 am..heheh

  4. GB

    I have a question on this… I am somewhat of a beginner and seem to struggle following patterns. How did you finish off the wrong side where the straps fit into the bodice? The instructions didn’t seem to address this unless I wasn’t understanding it. How did you close the two openings off?
    Just thought I would run it by you once I found this on the internet.

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