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Book Fairs, Amazon, and Nuigurumi

Today, I work the book fair at my daughter’s school. The idea of being surrounded by all those books has inspired me to make some long awaited purchases… So late last night, I broke down and picked up Plush You! and Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. However, it was while I was surfing Amazon that I found the most unexpected surprise – three of Aranzi Aronzo Japanese nuigurumi (or stuffed plush) books are being translated into English!!!! Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls, Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls, and Aranzi Cute Stuff will arrive in stores November 20 (the first two) and March 11, 2008 (the last book). Generally the Japanese version will run about $30 each, not including shipping while each of these will cost $10.17 – I’m in heaven!
I also just received Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern and have been pouring over the book ever since. It’s absolutely beautiful and so inspiring, especially since I’ll have a clean slate to work with when we move into our house. What have you all been reading lately?

Tyra’s Toga

It seems as if almost all the celebrity photos I see anymore are of Britney Spears – and I really don’t think we want to talk about her fashion style any more than what we have to. So instead, I present to you today’s new fashion disaster, Tyra Banks. I guess the dress itself wouldn’t be too bad if you were looking for something trendy, avant-garde, or toga-ish, but I have to ask, what’s going on with that metallic decal over 1/2 of her chest? I love the bag, though. [photo via Celebrity Warship]

Button Holes, Illness, and Pringles

Well, drat! Originally, I had planned on visiting the Button Hole today with fellow Wichitan, Sheri. However, ’tis the season for colds and flus and it appears that it has struck our house – Taylor has a nasty bug. So, we’re re-planning our trip for a few weeks – and I can’t wait…. fabric as far as the eye can see!
In the mean time, I’ll be quietly crafting and planning for my swaps. Partners were announced yesterday for the Once You Pop Holiday Edition. This swap will be a bit of a challenge since all your items should not only fit into a Pringles container (so I’m thinking either miniature sizes or things that roll, fold, etc. inside without difficulty), but also because my partner is 20 years younger than myself and don’t want to send her items that aren’t ‘cool’ (you know those things you get from relatives at Christmas and you wonder what you’ll do with them?)!

One Down!

It must have been the Wheaties that I had for breakfast because somehow, during all the busyness of the day, I managed to complete one project for my The Office Swap (don’t continue if you’re my partner)!

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Let The Crafting Begin

Partners have already been posted for The Office swap and sometime this weekend my partner for the Once You Pop Holiday Edition swap will be announced as well (did I ever mention that I joined a third swap???? The bonus side to this one is that you ‘have to’ eat a can of Pringles in order to have a can to put you goodies into). With all this swap madness that I have going on, my creative juices have really been flowing – now to find the time this weekend to get started. Between company, football games, driving Taylor to parties, and hair appointments, it’s looking as if my crafting time this weekend is slowing deteriorating. So with limited sewing time at the moment, I’m anxious to hear what everyone else is working on – or at least your plans for their weekend!

Where Did You Get That Coat?

As soon as I saw this photo of Rebecca Romijn, I said “WOW!” Not only does she look fabulous, but I’m in love with that blue coat she’s wearing. I’ve done a bit of searching and haven’t come up with a fabric that is a match (it has a bit of texture to it, so it may be harder to find than a plain wool coating), but I believe that Simplicity 4084 is a good start to making this style for yourself. With all these beautiful coats and jackets celebrities have been wearing lately, I could spend the eentire season sewing nothing but those up for myself!

Note To Self

Today marks the end of sign-ups for Craftster’s The Office Swap (so if you’ve been thinking of joining, today’s your last chance!). Even though I won’t get my partner until sometime late tonight or tomorrow, I’ve still been doing some (generic) planning. Of course, with planning comes fabric purchases! My latest – Michael Miller’s “Note To Self” fabric.
I’ve been hunting for some sort of fabric that looks like post-it notes for quite awhile and after asking a question about it on a message board, I quickly got an answer. And I love this fabric – it’s perfect for what I’m envisioning – a notepad and pen holder (I found a notepad with the cast of The Office on it at Target along with a set of pens). I don’t have a pattern figured out in my mind, but I’ve been playing around with several ideas of how it might work. I suppose I’ll have to make a mock up before I actually cut into my precious new fabric.