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Gorgeous and Charitable

I’ve always liked Malcom in the Middle start, Jane Kaczmarek. I liked her even more after I found out she started a charitable organization called Clothes Off Our Backs – an internet site that auctions off celebrity garments and donates the proceeds to children’s charities. Recently she attended the Fredrick’s of Hollywood 2008 fashion show wearing this adorable dress. It looks a bit like McCall’s new pattern (a Hillary Duff creation) 5512 without the over-sized neckline. I think what I like best about this dress is that she took what could have been a boring solid and is wearing a bold, striking print – I love it with this style! [photo via a Socialite’s Life]

Princess Teeth, Treats, And Bags

Yesterday seemed to be full of activities. First, we had a visit to the dentist who finally pulled Taylor’s ‘princess tooth’. Why call it a princess tooth? Because it was PINK! Yes, pink. Apparently, it was a ‘ghost tooth’ – all the insides of her baby too had dissolved and you could see the gum tissue underneath. Since there wasn’t much structure to the tooth, pieces of it had finally chipped off and was causing her some pain.
We also managed to fix out Pumpkin cupcakes. Let me tell you, this may have been a box type mix, but it was a lot of work! There was butter to cream, even. Of course, most of the work came from the homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting – delish! Taylor and I packed up our goodies into some of Martha Stewart’s cute Halloween boxes and have shipped some off to family and friends.
Lastly, in the mail, I received my Sanibel bag and let me say it is so much better than what I had expected! Not only is it heavyweight, but the construction is beautiful – much better than what I’ve ever made in a bag. There are lots of pockets and zippers in this one as well as a snap closure on the sides so you can expand the size a bit if needed. Now off to buy some Scotch Guard to keep this beauty clean.

Celebrity Halloween

What do celebrities wear when they attend a Halloween party? Apparently some pretty elaborate costumes!

Terri Hatcher’s Queen of Hearts costume is absolutely fabulous. Quite a few years ago, McCall’s had a very similar pattern (now out of print) that I picked up. Still to this day I have yet to use it. However, after seeing someone in this fantastic garment, I may have to give it a whirl next year. Other celebrity costume sightings – Paris Hilton in what appears to be a sailor costume (no pattern found yet) and Marlee Matlin who makes a fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow (Simplicity 4923 would work for this costume).

Rockin’ Out And Crafting Sunday

I had good intentions today of showing you a photo of the Christmas ornament I created for the Once You Pop swap. However, I reached for the camera only to find it missing – Bret and Taylor must have taken it on their fishing expedition! I can’t complain too much, though. The house is now quiet which means that I have some quality time to get to my sewing area and (attempt to) finish up my swap packages! Unfortunately, I have a slight distraction – Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was released today! So, of course, I’ll need to get some guitar time in as well. Haha.
Partners were also announced for my 3rd swap – The Christmas Stocking swap and I got Carrie (you may remember her adorable plush cakes she created for the Fabric Scrap Contest awhile back)! This one should be really fun too – I get to craft for a puppy!

Once You Pop!

What do you get when you cross a Pringles can, stickers, and marbles? In my case, the start of a swap package! Yesterday, I had a bit of time to be crafty and started work on a few projects… I decided to cover up that unsightly Pringles can – I wrapped it in paper and started decorating it in the Winter Wonderland stickers that I had picked up in the scrapbooking section. After I was finished, I had enough left over to create some marble magnets (using the penguins that my partner said she really liked). I’ve also begun work on a swirled ornament (in blue, silver and white) – when it’s dry I’ll be sure to snap a few photos of the completed project.
Now to get back to work on The Office swap – only 9 days until send outs!


I had lots of energy yesterday (yay for the second trimester!) so I planned on running errands. Little did I know that a simple ‘supply run’ would take me to every craft store in town! However all that shopping now has me set for two of my swaps (needless to say, swap partners, don’t proceed):

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Cheri’s Chemise

Remember Cheri O’Teri? She was once a regular on SNL and I don’t recall seeing her since she left the series – that is until today. Here she is at last night’s Fredrick’s of Hollywood 2008 fashion show (I hardly recognized her) wearing this cute sparkly number that looks an awful lot like Simplicity 3799. At the moment, I’m unable to locate a silver knit, but with the holiday’s right around the corner, I’m sure that they will start popping up soon! [photo via A Socialite’s Life]

A Matching Set

I’m not planning a trip anytime soon, but I’ve decided that I need ‘luggage’. Why? Amy Butler has new patterns. You see, it all started when I ordered one of her bags – the Sanibel in nickel. Not only was this bag a bit of a splurge for myself, but I am also interested in examining it up close and personal (I have all these questions, like does her shop use Timtex?) before I start using it. And that’s when I noticed that Amy has new designs coming out November 1! Not only is the Lotus dress included in this round of patterns, but also my very favorite of the bunch, the Sophia Carry-All. So now, I’m envisioning not just carrying my new (pre-made) Sanibel, but also a matching Sophia and Weekender (I’m thinking of revisiting this pattern now)! Ahhhh, I just love this stage of sewing – the planning!