I finally went out and went shopping this weekend – not for patterns, fabrics, or notions, but clothes. I almost feel guilty for buying some since I’ve been making so many garments for myself lately, but I rationalized it by telling myself that I’m going out of town this week and everyone should have some new things to wear on a trip.
While I was out, I also found some inspiration designs that I’m contemplating making for myself. My favorite this dress from Express which looks exactly like Simplicity 3799. The differences between the two is that Simplicity’s pattern has some gathering along the neckline and a solid back, while the Express version is completely flat with a keyhole back. There were also several wrap dresses that caught my attention as well as a Duro style design (which they call a Color Blocked Empire Waist Dress – unfortunately I can’t get the photo to display) – I thought Duro was dead?
So enough about inspirations, what’s coming up next out of my sewing space? The Friday Night Apron. Now I just have to decide what fabric is going where and I’ll be set. Maybe I’ll start planning this one out during tonight’s season premiere of Desperate Housewives…..

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  1. melissa

    hahah, I ended up going shopping this weekend, too, which is really rare for me. I finally spent a gift certificate to Zara that I got given for my birthday in March (told you I don’t shop much anymore!) and got a gorgeous pair of long, beige leather gloves to go with the SewStylish jacket I just finished, swung by the haberdashery shop to get the various threads and zippers I need to complete my Collection (I was very good and didn’t buy anything off The List!).
    And finally, I couldn’t resist the lure of the big Primark on Oxford Street, which was my undoing. If you don’t know Primark, think H&M, but even cheaper and more fashion-forward. Seriously. Except that this flagship store has been CRAZY every single day since it opened (friends have gone in on weekday mornings and sworn it’s just as bad as Saturdays). The huge store is jam-packed, and every single checkout has a snaking 40-min line on it (I checked my watch. It’s not an exaggeration). I bought some bedding and a pair of jeans, which transpired, didn’t even fit. I own several pairs of their jeans, in 12s, and these were comically tiny, like maybe an 8 if you were anorexic and devoid of calves. So I’ve got to return them at another (much, much saner) branch next weekend.
    So for all my shopping, the only thing I can wear are my leather gloves. And this is why I prefer to sew, frankly. I end up much happier and with a fuller wardrobe.

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