Ta-Da, The Last Of The Machine Covers

It’s done! The last of the machine covers (embroidery) was completed yesterday!

I have to say, this is my favorite one so far. I think partly because of the fabric (which is my absolutely favorite print) and partly because the shape of the machine is so compact, it fills the entire cover without sagging. However, next time I make machine covers, I’ll make sure to interface the fabric just a bit to make each one have a bit more body.
Each cover looks nice on the machines, but seems a bit eclectic at the moment since they are not very matchy-matchy. I think once the entire room is put together with window treatments, dressform cover, and pillows the whole look ought to be pulled together a bit more.

5 thoughts on “Ta-Da, The Last Of The Machine Covers

  1. bernadette

    Good for you for finishing your special project – so quickly too! This fabric is a really pretty, peppy one.
    If there is a color that is in all three of the prints, maybe you can fashion a bow or handle or embroidered label for each of them to coordinate them a bit more?

  2. stacy

    I love the idea of making a label for each of the machines! I think I might do that, it’s a nice way to tie everything together! Thanks so much!

  3. bernadette

    oooh – i forgot about your fun pillows!
    One of the greens might be a fun accent color to pull things together – like sashing does on a quilt.
    Your future sewing room is looking very good so far.

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