Feeling Accomplished

It’s only 9:30 am, but I’ve already had the oil changed in the car this morning. I’m feeling like my list of ‘to dos’ around here is getting shorter….now to work on that serger cover (stay tuned tomorrow for a [hopefully] completed project). In the mean time, here’s a few fun links to tide you over:

I discovered a new fun fabric store – The Fabric Fairy. I found a lot of great prints, even some Taylor would enjoy (they have Justice knits!)…. I think I feel a fabric purchase coming on!
Just as National Sewing month is coming to a close, it’s time to get ready for National Spinning and Weaving week (October 1-7). To help celebrate, Spin-off magazine is celebrating their 30 years of publishing with a new look and has promised to more accessible to beginners as well as more inviting to knitters and crocheters.
Speaking of knitting, did anyone else see this fantastic Cable Knit Rug (or the giant knitting needles to took to make it)?
The weather really isn’t cooling down here any, but I’m already getting in the mood for fall decorating. Especially after seeing this beautiful silk dupioni pumpkin. The tutorial makes it look so quick and easy, I may have to make several of these this year!
I mentioned the other day how much I loved Amy Butler’s new fragrance Sola, for SOAK. If you’re wanting to try it out for yourself, head on and enter yourself into this contest.
Have a crafty tattoo? Want to show it off? Handmade nation is looking for crafty themed tattoos for possible use in the end credits their documentary. For more information, check out the details here. [link via Craft]

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