Sew It Kit

I love innovative packaging – beautiful covers, any sort of kits, and novel accessories included with a book get me every time. Pair this up with the fact it’s coming from my favorite author and designer, Amy Butler, and you’ve got yourself a winner in my book. What am I talking about? Sew-It Kit: 15 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects for the Home which was just released 2 weeks ago.

What makes this kit so great? It’s what’s inside! Not only does it have 15 ‘recipe’ project cards (including some from her book In Stitches as well as several new designs), but templates, pattern sheets, a booklet that discusses fabric selection and sewing techniques, and the best part of all – fabric and thread to complete one project in the book (the tissue box cover)! Not only does this make a perfect gift (I’m thinking of sending out a few as Christmas gifts this year), but makes great supplement to In Stitches.
Also from Amy Butler comes a fragrance in the Soak product line. This biodegradable, phosphate-free, rise free product smells delicious and keeps you fabric soft and clean. After testing it out, I found it’s a great way to pre-wash your fabrics prior to sewing, plus I love the way it smells as it runs through my machine. It’s also supposed to whiten whites and take out those stubborn pencil marks on quilts not to mention great to use on hand washing items. I think I’m throwing my bottle of Woolite away and switching to Soak!

3 thoughts on “Sew It Kit

  1. Anary

    Anyone said Amy’s fabric included?YAY!
    I am glad you are making a note
    about this kit. I was a little confused about this kit. Now things are clear..all the projects are in the box…This will be so had to resist. Is her new book out yet?

  2. Lori

    HEY…I finally got to Barnes and Noble and picked up the Sew News with your pear pattern in it. I was so excited to see your smiling face, I leaned to the gal next to me (she was looking at Martha so I figured she wouldn’t think I was too nuts) and said, “I know this girl… well, sort of.”
    Anyway, good work and congrats.

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