Soon To Be Biker Babe

Awhile back, I was commenting on how much I loved Angelina Jolie’s motorcycle jacket. Since most of my Burda World of Fashion magazines are packed away, I still hadn’t found the issue I was thinking of. However, yesterday, I solved my problem – I purchased the pattern that I’ve been long awaiting….. Hot Pattern’s Denim Diva Biker Babe Jacket. I’m so excited to receive this pattern – I love working with denim and adding all the details such as top stitching to achieve a ready to wear look. Of course, I definitely plan on making a muslin with this one – the sentence ‘extra long, skinny sleeves’ has me a bit worried how this feature will look on me! More on this project as it develops…..

5 thoughts on “Soon To Be Biker Babe

  1. mamafitz

    cool jacket. about the motorcycle sleeves — they will seem REALLY long, but they are that way so that if you were riding, say, a chopper with gorilla bars (the really high long handlebars), your sleeves would still cover your wrists. it’s kinda annoying when you are just wearing the jackets (or shirts), but it is really nice when you reach up to grab something or even just to reach to the steering wheel of the car and you don’t expose your wrists.

  2. jessi

    This might be old news (but I’m usually behind), but I was at Hancock’s over the weekend and noticed they sell Hot Patterns now. I was very surprised.
    Cute jacket!

  3. Kasey

    I have been eyeing that patern myself. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I may have to go ahead and order it and sew along with you!

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