Two New Pairs

I’ll admit it, the underwear project that I have going on just isn’t exciting enough for me to work at a fast pace. Out of the 4 pairs I had cut out, I’ve only managed to finish 2:

I’m really happy with they way they have turned out – in fact I showed them to my mom today and she’s requested some pairs for herself, but I’m just not motivated enough to finish the other two. I’m debating on putting them in a ‘work in progress’ pile and moving onto the next project or just working through my motivation issue with this one and getting the last two done. Any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Two New Pairs

  1. Blakely

    You know you will feel so much better when they are finished. These look great. I don’t think that I will ever attempt to make my own underwear.

  2. Diann

    They are really cute!
    I’m really wanting to start some Fall clothes but it is still way too hot here.
    BTW, I had to run to Walmart this afternoon and I saw the cutest makeup travel case that had skulls on it. I’m standing in Walmart going, “Stacy would just love this.” It was great. It was a camo print with skulls–you may not like camo, but it was so adorable!

  3. Stephanie

    I say leave them for a rainy day. It’s so much more fun to sew when you’re excited about what you’re sewing. Plus, you were just using up scraps on these anyways. What do you want to sew next?

  4. amy

    bite the bullet & git ’em done. if it were a larger project, i’d say don’t waste your time on a project you don’t like, but these are small, you’ll at least be glad when they’re done with and you can move on with a clean slate. plus then you’ll have four pair and won’t conceivably have another reason to sew this project again unless you really want to.

  5. nancy

    Stacy, you’ve inspired my to try this Jalie pattern. Your work is so beautiful. May I ask what width lace you used on the brazilian? I just sent for the Jalie pattern. Hope you finished the other 2 pair.”get er done” as my Taylor would say!!!

  6. stacy

    I used a 6″ wide lace for the brazillian and it seems to fit just about right. I’ve also used a 5 1/2″ and it’s been a good fit too, but wouldn’t recommend using anything slimmer otherwise you won’t get enough coverage (wider would work fine though).

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