Skull Hoodie

Happy National Sewing Month! I hope this month brings lots of great sewing opportunities, projects, fabric, and patterns to everyone.
With 8 days left on my ticker to complete my stashed fabric projects, I’m ready to start my next adventure – Taylor’s skull hoodie. The project should appear on the sidebar once I can figure out how to add it to my template (moveable type decided to upgrade and has messed with my system!).

Yesterday I also decided to head out to Joann’s and check out their Labor Day sale – I came home empty handed. I didn’t even find any patterns that I had to have (although I am on a search for a good sewing room window covering)! To make up for it, I’ve been contemplating buying the new Ottobre Woman pattern magazine. I didn’t purchase the first issue, but have seen so many fabulous fitting garments made from it that this one has really piqued my interest. Besides, I can completely see myself making the garment on the left!

4 thoughts on “Skull Hoodie

  1. Nancy

    I love Ottobre. Just FYI-the sleeveless top pictured is NOT included in the mag. Its found in some other “set” which I’ve been trying to figure out. The stencil can be found on the Ottobre site to download. The skirt is cute…its just a bias A-line with a sash added.

  2. Stacy

    Thanks so much for the info! I had no idea that it wasn’t included. If you track down the pattern – be sure to let me know what it is!

  3. Nancy

    Just popped in to add: I found in page 7 at Patternreview under the “Ottobre woman is up” at the patterns/notions section
    “I just read a note from the editor of Ottobre on the Ottobre Yahoo group. Apparently the Creative Pack of women’s T-s will include T patterns from the 2/2006 issue which is nearly sold out. So if you are just looking for the T shirt patterns from that issue, the Creative Pack, which will be on their website in a few days along with a couple of patterns they couldn’t fit into this issue, will have them. Correspondingly, it sounds like if you have the 2/2006 issue, the Creatvie Pack will be redundant.”
    Hope this helps! I only have the last issue and newest issue and I would be very curious as to what the t-shirt patterns would be.

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