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Emmy Night

Tonight is one of the biggest celebrity fashion events of the year – The Emmy’s. In just a few short hours, we can all watch some of the biggest names in television model their gowns (good and bad) on the red carpet. Here’s just a few ways to see the dresses before the actual show:
Eonline – you can watch all the arrivals live on E! along with interviews and commentary or check their blog for up the minute reports. They are also quick to update their website with photos.
TV Guide – yes, that little weekly paper magazine has grown up and moved on to the high tech world of internet reporting. You can see all the photos here or their live version if it’s available in your area.
AOL – you no longer have to have an account to enjoy some of AOL’s content. They’ll be posting photos along with the winners as soon as they come in.
In Style – They intend on covering not just the red carpet arrivals, but the pre and after parties!
Stay tuned tomorrow where I’ll post some inspiration dresses (and some of the worst dress too).

Apron Covering

In my mind I have an idea of what I would like my future sewing room to look like. In it, everything coordinates – right down to the covering on the dressform. Currently I use a former Halloween costume (Marylin’s dress from Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend) to keep her covered, but it really gets in the way if I have to keep dressing and re-dressing her for repeated clothing fittings. So, I decided when we move, I’m making her a new ‘outfit’ to wear – something easy to take on and off but at the same time looks cute….an apron.
Thanks to Anary who sent me a link to a new (to me) pattern company, Vanilla House Designs, I found the perfect covering…. The Friday Night Apron. I’m so excited for this one to arrive so I can get started on this one soon!

Death Becomes Courtney Love

This post isn’t so much about what Courtney Love is wearing clothing wise (although her pants are wayyyy too low), but more whats in her eyes! I love the idea of colored contacts, but Courtney already has beautiful blue eyes without the enhancement. In fact, this new accessory of hers makes her look like Goldie Hawn’s character in Death Becomes Her, don’t you think? The moral of this story, watch changing you eye color or you could look freakish. [photos via WENN and MovieScreenshots]


How do you know if a child is really sick? They stay in bed for two days, on their own, without complaint! That’s how it’s been at our house for the past several days at least. So to keep the noise factor down, I’ve let my machines sit quiet, but of course I can’t keep from doing something sewing related in the mean time. So, I decided to start drafting a pattern for my machine cover project. Currently I have one down:

and two to go! Now that Taylor is feeling better and is back to school, I’ll probably get the chance to sew up those other two pairs of underwear – or at least disinfect the house!

Love Angel Music Baby

So what does the woman on the leftt have to do with Celebrity Fashion? She’s modeling one of the designs from Gwen Stefani’s latest L.A.M.B. collections. Last week Gwen showed her line at Fashion Week and received a standing ovation (Vogue has photos of her entire collection here). This jacket was one of my favorites – although it would require some modifications Vogue 2873 is a good stepping off point to re-create this look (from there length would have to be added, eliminate a pocket, shorten the sleeves).


Well, with a month into school, it finally happened – Taylor is home sick. I’ve ‘quarantined’ her to her room since I’d like to pass on the stomach bug that she has this time around. Because I’m playing nurse today, I’ll skip the sewing and just make some ‘good for you’ comfort foods instead. I did, however, try on the undies I made yesterday and found that on one pair I didn’t quite catch all the fabric into the elastic all the way (I guess I was in too big of a hurry) and need to repair that. BAH! Thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement – I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and make those last two pairs of underwear once Taylor is on the mend!
Since I’m not sewing today, what is everyone else been working on?

Two New Pairs

I’ll admit it, the underwear project that I have going on just isn’t exciting enough for me to work at a fast pace. Out of the 4 pairs I had cut out, I’ve only managed to finish 2:

I’m really happy with they way they have turned out – in fact I showed them to my mom today and she’s requested some pairs for herself, but I’m just not motivated enough to finish the other two. I’m debating on putting them in a ‘work in progress’ pile and moving onto the next project or just working through my motivation issue with this one and getting the last two done. Any suggestions?

Reese’s Secret Buckles

Not that it ever goes out of style, but I’ve been seeing lots of Little Black Dresses on the red carpet lately. One of the best I’ve seen this month, Reese Witherspoon. What sets her dress apart from others are the details – the upper portion of the dress itself is trimmed in patent leather and the sides have these fantastic buckles (not to mention the pockets, I love dresses with pockets!). There are a few patterns that would be a good basis for creating this dress – probably your best bet would be Vogue 2237, but Vogue 7848 or McCall 5467 (View A) might work just as well. If you’re looking for real skins and leathers to work with on this one, I’ve found the Fabric Mart has been carrying quite an assortment lately (their stock rotates quickly so what may be there one day may be gone the next!).