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The First Cover

I had originally planned on putting up a different post this morning, but since I feel the need to share my productivity with everyone…. I changed my mind. I present to you, my first (in a series of three) self-drafted machine cover:

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about creating this – since I drafted the pattern myself, I was crossing my fingers that my measurements were correct and that it would sew up properly. Thankfully, everything came together pretty well and I’m ready to move on to the next machine – the serger.

Large Windows

I had the opportunity yesterday to head out to Joann’s to spend some of my gift card. Since Simplicity patterns were on sale, I browsed through the window treatments. I wound up picking two – 5696 and 5476. Unfortunately, after checking the floor plans, I realized that the window in my sewing room will be a bit larger than what either of the valances will fit. ARG! I’m also concerned about how 5696 will look once it’s up – it’s put together using a standard double curtain rod and I don’t believe that there is any ‘coverage’ on the sides of the rod. Has anyone tried making that one that could give me some input on how it turns out?
Aside for the patterns, I also picked out some coordinating fabric for some curtain lining, piping, and pattern tracing material. I was extremely tempted by the Gutermann Thread cabinet, but somehow managed to resist the urge to purchase it (trust me, it was hard)! So, what have you all purchased lately?

Birthday Links

Well, another year has passed and I’m another year older today! Yup, it’s my birthday… Aside from fabulous dinner plans, I intend on hitting up Joann’s and spending the giftcard that I received from my family (hopefully, I’ll find lots of fall goodies). To share in some birthday excitement here’s some fabulous links:

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Soon To Be Biker Babe

Awhile back, I was commenting on how much I loved Angelina Jolie’s motorcycle jacket. Since most of my Burda World of Fashion magazines are packed away, I still hadn’t found the issue I was thinking of. However, yesterday, I solved my problem – I purchased the pattern that I’ve been long awaiting….. Hot Pattern’s Denim Diva Biker Babe Jacket. I’m so excited to receive this pattern – I love working with denim and adding all the details such as top stitching to achieve a ready to wear look. Of course, I definitely plan on making a muslin with this one – the sentence ‘extra long, skinny sleeves’ has me a bit worried how this feature will look on me! More on this project as it develops…..

What Happened Debra?

What a difference a few days makes. Take a look at the photo below:

After being named one of the best dressed attendees of the 2007 Emmy’s, Debra Messing steps out to shop in a muumuu. I know it looks windy outside and that dress is billowing, but I can’t imagine that this frock looks good even when she’s inside. Sorry folks, I won’t even attempt to look for a good pattern match for this one – it’s definitely a ‘what not to wear’ garment. [photo via WENN]

How I Sew

Cidell had a great post this morning on “How I Sew”. I love hearing how other people work in their environment, so I thought I would share mine (and after writing them down, I’ve discovered I’m very quirky):
In privacy – For some strange reason, I don’t sew very well when people are around – not even my family. I tend to sew when Taylor is at school and Bret is at work. I have attended ‘sit and sews’ at Needle Nook, and while I enjoy being around the company of other sewers (it’s also very motivating), I much prefer the solitude of my basement.
With the T.V. on – Sometimes I listen to music when I sew, but when I do this I tend to spend more time singing to the music than actually being productive! I like having background noise going when I sew so I tend to keep the television (or a movie) on. When I have things like pinning to do, I take that opportunity to ‘watch’ the program as well.
Sew for Long Stretches – I work best when I have long stretches of time to sew. Sometimes it takes me a bit to ‘warm up’, get my area arranged and my project ready to go before I feel settled and ‘in the zone’. Sewing for a long stretch of time (even if it’s an hour) makes me feel more relaxed an productive.
All the Time – This answer probably comes as no surprise to regular readers of this site. I try to do something sewing related every day, whether it be plan a project, blog, or read blogs, magazines, and books. I can’t help it, I’m addicted!
I would love to hear about everyone else…. how do you sew?

Jessica’s Jewels

After looking at all those Emmy gowns, it’s nice to see some celebrities dress in something casual for a change. Take Jessica Biel, for instance, in her adorable empire waist tank. What I think sets this style apart from the numerous similar looks out there is the crystal neckline. If your looking for a similar detail, be sure to check out Kwik Sew 3418 which could be made up in a purchased trim or created by using a hot fix rhinestone applicator. I love Jessica’s look so much it makes me want to crack out my rhinestone wand and get jeweling!

Two Down, Out Of The Rut

I’ve been hard at work (yes!!! and out of this rut) and now have two patterns for machine covers drafted (I opted not to take more photos of my patterns right now only because it isn’t a very interesting picture!). Up next a cover for my embroidery machine and then I will be ready to get started cutting into the fabric. I’ll be posting a sidebar link with the fabrics tonight!
I’ve also been giving some thought into what window treatments that I might like to coordinate with everything. I’ve been leaning toward a simple, casual looking valance (I’ll be using Amy Butler’s Morning Glory print in coral) – something that will show off the print best and have been leaning toward Simplicity 5696 or Simplicity 4168. Any opinions on either one of these or any suggestions on some other treatments that I might have missed?