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I finally went out and went shopping this weekend – not for patterns, fabrics, or notions, but clothes. I almost feel guilty for buying some since I’ve been making so many garments for myself lately, but I rationalized it by telling myself that I’m going out of town this week and everyone should have some new things to wear on a trip.
While I was out, I also found some inspiration designs that I’m contemplating making for myself. My favorite this dress from Express which looks exactly like Simplicity 3799. The differences between the two is that Simplicity’s pattern has some gathering along the neckline and a solid back, while the Express version is completely flat with a keyhole back. There were also several wrap dresses that caught my attention as well as a Duro style design (which they call a Color Blocked Empire Waist Dress – unfortunately I can’t get the photo to display) – I thought Duro was dead?
So enough about inspirations, what’s coming up next out of my sewing space? The Friday Night Apron. Now I just have to decide what fabric is going where and I’ll be set. Maybe I’ll start planning this one out during tonight’s season premiere of Desperate Housewives…..

Vintage Dita

I have a confession to make. I love Dita Von Teese. She is one of the few people who, on a daily basis, wears retro style clothing – and wears it well. She’s topped best dressed list several times, here’s why:

Ok, so the last photo is of her performance at the Macy’s Passport Gala, but look at all those crystals on her gown! Unfortunately, I haven’t found patterns that are similar to the one’s she’s shown wearing here (I’m guessing because they are vintage or retro style knockoffs), but I’m working on it!

Ta-Da, The Last Of The Machine Covers

It’s done! The last of the machine covers (embroidery) was completed yesterday!

I have to say, this is my favorite one so far. I think partly because of the fabric (which is my absolutely favorite print) and partly because the shape of the machine is so compact, it fills the entire cover without sagging. However, next time I make machine covers, I’ll make sure to interface the fabric just a bit to make each one have a bit more body.
Each cover looks nice on the machines, but seems a bit eclectic at the moment since they are not very matchy-matchy. I think once the entire room is put together with window treatments, dressform cover, and pillows the whole look ought to be pulled together a bit more.

Love A Designer?

Considering the garments Courtney Love has been wearing in public lately (see above), I’m not so sure I would buy anything from her upcoming clothing line. Yes, that’s right Courtney Love is now a designer. I know at one point in time she had a fabulous wardrobe (back when she looked like this), but I’m not sure her current style is going to look anything similar to the ‘classics’ she was sporting 10 years ago.

Serger Cover

Apparently, my productivity didn’t stop yesterday because I managed to finish my serger machine cover!

Although in the photograph (and from a distance) the cover looks good, overall, I’m not as pleased with how this one turned out. My two problems with the serger cover: 1) The fit seems looser. It could be because I was slightly off on my measurements or because my serger isn’t as ‘uniform’ of a shape in comparison to a sewing machine – it has lots more lumps and bumps going on. 2) I didn’t round the corners. On my sewing machine cover I rounded off the corners and I think that the fabric lays nicely and has a nice clean look to it. This time, I didn’t do that and squared them off instead. I’m sure that no one else will notice this but me, but it’s one of those little details that I know is there!
Now there’s one left to go. I’m taking my knowledge from the last two and hopefully making it the best machine cover ever!

Feeling Accomplished

It’s only 9:30 am, but I’ve already had the oil changed in the car this morning. I’m feeling like my list of ‘to dos’ around here is getting shorter….now to work on that serger cover (stay tuned tomorrow for a [hopefully] completed project). In the mean time, here’s a few fun links to tide you over:

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It’s All In The Details

Say you’ve purchased Simplicity 3692 and not sure how to change this pattern up to give it a different look. Why not turn to actress Arden Myrin for inspiration? Although it’s similar in style, Arden’s dress has quilted details along the neckline, sleeve and dress hems to give this design a fresh new feel. How cute!

Last Round of Ornaments

We had such a busy weekend, that I had neglected to visit my mailbox on Saturday. It’s a shame too, because when I finally reached inside on Sunday, I found not one, but two more Christmas ornaments waiting for me! The first was a great mixed media ornament. I love the look of ATC’s and this one definitely reminded me of one.
The second envelope was just like opening a Christmas package – and inside, a polymer clay snowman. My partner did a great job boxing this one up since his dimensional nose and arms stayed intact!
All in all, this was a great swap – I wound up with quite a variety of fun ornaments… in fact, I liked it so much, I’m contemplating working on a round two!

Fashion And The City

Sex And The City is finally making it’s way to the big screen. Since filming has already started in New York, there’s been lots of photos released. I’m not so interested in the plotline so much as the clothes – checkout some of what they’re wearing so far:

What’s your impressions so far? Love them, wouldn’t be caught dead in them, or just undecided? [photos via WENN]