Finally, Some Progress

Well, finally, there’s some progress being made around here, and I’m not just talking about my new top! Look they’re finally starting on the framing of our house:

Alright, it’s difficult to see from the photo, but trust me – there’s lumber, beams, and wood laying around and people crawling around in the basement. It’s a wonderful sight! I also did make some headway on my new Jalie top too – there’s a zipper inserted in there! Amazingly enough I had stashed a perfect blue that matched the fabric. The pattern called for a 12 inch zip, but I managed to eek by with 9. WHEW! With the zip done, I’m thinking that the rest of the top should be a breeze. Cross your fingers I’m right!

3 thoughts on “Finally, Some Progress

  1. sheri

    How clever of you to coordinate your new top with the color of your new house! Smart girl! 🙂

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