Just Call Me Gallagher

Yesterday, I had the entire afternoon to spend with my sewing machine – just enough time to finish my Built by Wendy tunic. Since Taylor wasn’t available to take photos of the completed top, I had Bret do it….

STACY: “Well, I’m done with my top. What do you think of it?”
BRET: (shrugs shoulders) “It’s alright, but you look like Gallagher.”
I suppose I should wear a beret to make my whole outfit complete! If you’re interested n reading a review of this pattern, you an view my post here on PR.

8 thoughts on “Just Call Me Gallagher

  1. Miss Sassy

    Christina took the words out of my mouth. I wouldn’t have thought that if you never said anything. But it tickles me now. I like the top, too. Don’t go smashing a watermelon in it, though.

  2. lori

    You are way better looking than Gallagher! You don’t have the bald mullet. =) I think it looks great. Do you have any mod pants?

  3. Sandy in W

    Don’t husbands just have a way with words! I think it’s very cute. I like the contrast yoke up near the face….of course, my “bible” is my book called “Does This Make Me Look Fat?” wherein the authoress discusses tricks of dressing to flatter the figure (and we ALL know you do NOT need such a book, but I am definitely into any and all design tricks which “draw the eye upward”.) Several years ago I went to see G. at Century II…all the seats were covered with black trash bags..when I saw that, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay!!)

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with your husband. It’s not flattering at all, and it has nothing to do with your figure or abilities. I’m not a fan of the BBW line, I must say.

  5. sharon

    Gallagher! Oh gosh, I never have thought that looking at the top. But thanks for the memory – I had forgotten all about the time a date took me to see Gallagher. I had no idea who he was or what he did and we had seats near the front, LOL!

  6. bernadette

    You did a fine job on that top. It could maybe use a little splash of color (RED?) to take the focus away from all the stripiness (but I love stripes anyway). Maybe a red anchor applique somewhere on the white yoke? Or a red floppy bow somewhere? Or BIG buttons on the yoke. Or just wear jewelry.
    I do find the BBW patterns a bit too “boxy-shaped” for my taste but in knit it certainly drapes better.

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