Happy Friday

It’s Friday, already? Where did the week go?

I spent some time with my fabric for the Built by Wendy tunic yesterday – I’m officially blind. The stripe on the material is small enough that it sort of hurts your eyes when you look at it too long…. I’m hoping that the shirt has enough white to break it up so it’s not a top that people have to look away from for fear of losing their sight. I should have enough time today to get this top finished, or at least everything but the hems.
By the way, I stumbled an article this morning – If you’ve always wanted to go to NY Fashion Week, nows your chance! American Express is offering 450 packages to the public!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Leesa

    I know what you mean about working with that stripe fabric. It does make your eyes hurt. But it does look cute when wearing and you don’t have to look so intently at it.

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