At the moment, there’s nothing worse than getting sick and running a fever in 103 degree heat – that’s where I was (am currently at) yesterday. I did manage to get out and make my way to Needle Nook to pick up some supplies for my next swap, however.

After spending some time talking with my partner – we decided that I would make the Jalie Crossover Top (I made a couple last year and loved them) in chocolate brown with a contrasting trim, an asymmetrical hem, and 3/4 sleeves. I know this sort of spoils her surprise of what she’s getting, but I wanted to be sure that she gets something she really wanted. Since my stash only turned up a small amount of brown fabric, I headed to one of the best sources I know for jersey in town – Needle Nook. My original intentions was to just purchase more brown that I used in my recent Simplicity top, but after browsing the store I found the perfect shade of chocolate and settled on that – yes I know I wasn’t going to purchase fabric for a month, but this one was sort of unavoidable and the rest of the top will be in stash fabric, I promise!
After coming home and cooling off, I started tracing out the pattern. While I was at it, I decided to redraft the arm sleeve of my Jalie crossover to make it full length – I plan on using the left over fabric from Simplicity 3799 – thanks to Diann for inspiring me on this one!
Now I’m off wash fabrics and start cutting!

7 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. Anonymous

    You are a trooper! We were just watching the weather & saw all the heat you are getting up there. Ugh & with a fever too! Yuk! Happy sewing! I have had that pattern in my stash for a while know & have yet to make it up Hummm! I think that I need go add it to my must sew list. By the way do you always serge your knits? or use a special knit stitch on your regular machine?

  2. stacy

    I usually serge my knits, but if I’m feeling lazy (I don’t want to thread the serger), I use the triple stretch stitch on my regular machine.

  3. Anary

    I hope you feel a little better by the end of the day..after doing some sewing..It cures all:). Hugs

  4. diann

    Boy you are so motivated to be sewing while sick! It’s hard enough to get anything done in this heat, much less while running a fever, too! I hope you get better soon. Let us see pics when you’re done with the tops. I’m ordering that new Jalie crossover top pattern today–I love the Jalie patterns.

  5. bernadette

    What IS it about KCMO? We really enjoyed our week there but….You and Bret came home sick. My DH came home from there really sick and feverish back in June, requiring two tries at antibiotics. Is there a toxic waste dump somewhere around there? haha?
    Hope you feel all better really soon. (Keep an eye out for sinus infection after the cold – that’s what was worse, actually!)

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