Well, folks, those shorts – they’re a wadder. The addition of the waistband didn’t help them look or feel any better an since most of the seams had been serged already and I couldn’t let the seams out any more to make the legs feel looser (they were also already vented so imagine how tight they would have been without it!). The more I look at the pattern photo, the more I’m thinking that these pants are ‘skinny leg’ pants which I just can’t wear. So, with that said the shorts have become “completed” project #1 in the Win An Amazon Gift Certificate contest (Don’t forget to enter your vote if you already haven’t – and don’t worry if someone already has a number you like – remember that I’ll be doing a ‘random’ draw if there are multiple guesses).

I’ve also broken down and purchased the Hello Kitty book I’ve been eyeing on ebay. I couldn’t pass this one up since it was exactly what I was looking for and since it’s a 2002 book, I’m guessing it’s not as easily available as some of the others out there. When it arrives (2 weeks, maybe?) I’ll be posting more info.
I’ve added 2 new features to the site – one to display my swap projects and the other to talk about inspiration garments in a Celebrity Style Watch section of the site. Hopefully, this will be a daily section of the site.
I also got my advance copy of Sew News – Sew Up the Holidays (it’s not on their site yet, from what I can tell) and one of my projects shares the cover!!! I’ll post a photo as soon as I have one to share!

5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Barbara

    Hi Stacy,
    I am a new reader of your blog and it’s wonderful! I get very inspired seeing what others are doing.
    I had a thought about your shorts; how about you offer them to another reader to finish for herself? They might be perfect for someone else and it would be a shame to waste your work and fabric.
    Happy sewing!

  2. Laura

    I empathize with your shorts experience. I made a pair of Built By Wendy pants from the Sew U book and found they were too tight in the thighs. They were a wadder for me. I did, however, make the shirt from the book and it worked pretty well for me.
    On another note, I wanted to tell you to check out the patterns by Meg at http://www.montessoribyhand.net. She has three she just put up for sale and of the three, I thought you might like the reading pillow. It is unique (I haven’t seen anything else like it out there and I am an internet junkie) and would make a great gift. Let me know what you think. Other readers of your blog may be interested as well.

  3. Jo

    Sorry to see the shorts being ditched – although it’s good for me to know that can happen to the best stitchers and not just to me because I don’t really know how to make clothes yet.
    I love the the Hello Kitty book! I’ll look forward to seeing the info you post – do you read japanese or are there enough pictures? I’ve been learning japanese for a few years so I’m tempted by their craft books but I don’t think my reading ability is anywhere near good enough.

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