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So you’re probably wondering about those Built by Wendy shorts…. Well, here’s where I am right now:

At the moment, I’m not thrilled with them. Why? I know I have thighs like Conan The Barbarian, but the legs in this one are tight! I’m not sure cutting one size up would have even helped. I’m also seeing some wrinkles in the front and I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that the hips are too snug as well, the pants are too shiny (note to self, shiny pants not a good idea unless you want to accentuate your flaws), or if the addition of the waistband would help. So now, I’m debating on what to do: 1) scrap it, call it a wadder, and move on or 2) apply the waistband and see if that helps. What would you do?

9 thoughts on “What To Do

  1. christina

    I think if the legs are tight enough that you wouldn’t wear them, then just scrap the project now. Maybe sit down in them and see if the fabric cuts into your thigh? If there is a possibility they are wearable, then I’d suggest applying the waistband because they really are so close to being done!

  2. Emy

    I would try to finish it and see how it turns out. If you left a large seam allowance and haven’t serged yet, maybe try loosening the side seams and the crotch area? Do the shorts have slits?
    If nothing else, how much of a size difference are you and your daughter?
    PS. I’m curious what the scar is from? My son and husband both have them from appendix operations but each have it in a different spot and its more centered. Gall bladder?

  3. Jacqui

    If they feel snug now they’ll probably feel more so after they’re complete. But they are cute! How about finishing them then donating them.

  4. Tany

    Well I think they are really cute! I would apply the waistband, make a side slit (maybe you can use the pocket lining fabric as an inside pleat there) and in the end if you still don’t like them on yourself, yes, there is always the donation option.

  5. bernadette

    I’m a bit too old to wear short shorts so admire your courage. The fit looks okay to me. I think that style has to be rather tight to stay on the hip due to the low cut. The legs probably also have to be a little snug so there is no unintended view – as long as you can move in them. So maybe add the waistband, try it on with a really cute top and THEN give it away. haha.
    (I have found, also the hard way, that fabrics with ANY sheen look best draped, gathered, tucked – anything except flat on the body. Even a tiny tummy buldge looks like a *headlight* in satin. Sigh.)

  6. jemima bean

    Girl, if you’re Conan, I hate to think who my thigh’s resemble, LOL!!!
    I second the appy scar vote! I’ve got one just like it…except mine extends about 3 more inches since it ruptured as soon as they got in there. Yuk.
    The waistband would probably help…but if they’re too snug AND too shiny, I’d toss them. You aren’t going to wear them if you’re self-conscious I’d guess.

  7. stacy

    Everyone who said appendix is correct! I really dislike it’s location, but the dr. thought it would be hidden under a bikini – I’m not sure what kind of bikini they were thinking of because I’ve never had one hide that scar! LOL Mine actually ruptured while they were taking it out – I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks after that. Consequently, I really dislike hospitals!

  8. christy

    I have to tell you, I tried making these shorts and they looked terrible on me. I’ve made several of her tops and dresses and I’ve liked the final product, but I’ve also tried both of her pant/shorts patterns (Do they even sell the 4110 anymore? It’s not listed on the simplicity site!) and hated each one. I kept the patterns because the fly instructions are very nice, but the butt and waist of the bottoms are ill-fitting and totally funky.
    Anyway, I’m just commiserating because I’ve been there too and I know it’s disappointing!

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