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I know that we’re already into the month of August, but I’m making a self-imposed challenge – how many garments can I sew from my stash? I am feeling a strong urge to fabric shop (i.e. I check every day some of my favorite online stores to see what’s new) although I have numerous projects lined up (at least in my mind). With a new house being built, the lure of upgrades (carpet, flat top stoves, ceiling fans, etc.) is winning over fabrics at the moment! I figure if I ‘announce’ that I’m spending the entire month stash sewing, I’m more likely to stick to it, plus I think that your encouragement will really help! So here’s where the prize comes in:

Contest Information
I will be sewing from August 5 – September 5 completely from my stash of fabrics (including the pair of shorts that I am currently working on). Leave a comment as to how many items you think that I will sew up during this time in this thread. You have until August 10 (midnight or there abouts) to leave your guess before comments are shut off.
Definition of a finished project:
Any sewn project that is completed and posted on this blog. Unfinished projects (those that become a UFO and sit on my desk) will not be included in the finished item count, however, ‘wadders’ – a project that is finished but winds up going into the trash will count as done. Multiples of the same item will each count as a new item (for example, if I sew 6 pairs of undies, the completed item count would be 6).
The Prize, How to Enter, & Determination of Winner:
To enter this contest, leave a comment in this thread as to how many items you think I will be sewing from the August 5 – September 6 time period. You have until August 10 to enter your guess before the comments close. Please be sure to leave your email address when entering (it will not show in comments, only to me) so that I can contact you if you are a winner. One entry per person – multiple entries will not be accepted and the highest guess will be that person’s entry.
On September 6 I will count the number of projects that have been sewn during the August 5 – September 5 time period and compare those to the number left in comments – the person with the correct number will be the winner. In the event there is a tie, the names of those with the correct number will be ‘put into a hat’ and the winner will then be drawn at random. If there is not a person with the correct number then the person with the closest guess will then declared the winner. If there are multiple people with the same guess, or are the same ‘number away’ (for example I sew 5 items in a month and one person guesses 4 and another guesses 6) then those names will be ‘put into a hat’ and the winner will then be drawn at random.
The prize is a $25 gift certificate to

59 thoughts on “Win An Amazon Gift Certificate

  1. shorty

    I love your blog! I read it every day and get so much inspiration from you. Thanks for that, I hope we can inspire you this month! I think you will sew 17 items. Good luck!

  2. stephaine

    I’m gonna guess 24. That seems high but if you go on another underware making frenzy or sew up stuff for your shop you could easily hit that number.
    Good luck! Hopefully you will inspire the rest of us to do the same.

  3. tara

    My guess is 6. It was going to be 8 but someone else has that one. Let me know when you get to 6 because then I will drop in for a surprise visit. I will be staying until the Sept 6th and will even help you count. I like pancakes in the morning with coffee. Don’t worry about directions, I will just google map it. No need to trouble yourself.

  4. peggy

    I think 17! You are really quick! I have never posted a message here before (that I can remember?), but have read your blog for quite awhile, even through picking up and dropping other blogs. You give great information about your projects, and techniques that can be applied to many projects, and I like your taste in patterns and fabrics (and my husband and I are Guitar Hero addicts, and I read the last Harry Potter book in 2 days, and I freaking love the Office!) I love that you post so frequently, and always have fun crafty tidbits everyday. ANYWAY, thanks for taking the time to write something that is so fun to read, and keep up the good work!!

  5. Jessi

    My guess…10. You’ll prolly pass that up by the end of this week! But I’ll take my chances!
    I’ve got so much fabric I need to use up too. It’s all organized I almost don’t want to mess it up.
    Good luck!

  6. sharon

    I’m going for 30 – I know how fast you can whip things out. Maybe sewing will help keep the stress level of having a house built down to a tolerable level. Now quit writing posts and get busy sewing! LOL

  7. Sylvia

    You are such an inspiration and a “sewing maniac” that I am sure you will get through at least 26 items!

  8. Diann

    I hope I made it in time! I know you bound to have a huge stash of fabric, but there will be cheerleader practices, football games, lots going on this month–so…I’m guessing 17. I know that others have guessed this too, but I’m sticking with it!
    Have fun at your “reunion”! Fun!

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