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Demi’s Top

You don’t see much of Demi Moore these days, but when you do, I’m always interested in looking what she’s wearing (I think her style is a bit unpredictable). Take this top that she’s wearing on a recent visit to the set of Ashton Kutcher’s new movie – it’s adorable, breezy, and oooh so comfy looking. The short sleeved version of Simplicity 4020 would would work perfect for this style. Match this top up with a pair of skinny pants and you’ve got yourself a hot look! [photo via]


This morning’s post is a little bit sewing and a little bit celebrity fashion all wrapped into one – of course the title of today’s entry says it all. You see Britney Spears walked out of her house looking like this yesterday – BIG OOPS. I know it’s sometimes difficult to tell if those tunic style tops are supposed to be worn with pants or they are supposed to be a mini dress, but Brit, if your cheeks are hanging out, it’s a top! [photo via DailyMail]
So now for my OOPS. Yesterday I posted about the progress of my Jalie V-neck top. I was so worried about matching the pattern for this particular garment that I neglected to read the pattern layout or the pattern itself to realize that I needed to cut a ‘lining’ for the front bodice. And here I thought it would be smooth sailing from here on out. Needless to say, today I’ll be working on the lining for this top today!
Have any recent OOPS you’d like to share?

Finally, Some Progress

Well, finally, there’s some progress being made around here, and I’m not just talking about my new top! Look they’re finally starting on the framing of our house:

Alright, it’s difficult to see from the photo, but trust me – there’s lumber, beams, and wood laying around and people crawling around in the basement. It’s a wonderful sight! I also did make some headway on my new Jalie top too – there’s a zipper inserted in there! Amazingly enough I had stashed a perfect blue that matched the fabric. The pattern called for a 12 inch zip, but I managed to eek by with 9. WHEW! With the zip done, I’m thinking that the rest of the top should be a breeze. Cross your fingers I’m right!

Long List of Projects

There are a million things I should be doing today – laundry, cooking, sewing….. but, I’m feeling particularly lazy today and have decided to “take the afternoon off” (don’t worry, I’ll catch up with the sewing tomorrow). Instead, I’ve found myself surfing and coming up with fun, new projects that I’d love to try out! Here’s some of my favorites:

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Paris, One More Time

First off, I want to go on the record saying that I do not like Paris Hilton – I don’t care for her lifestyle, her attitude, or her taste in men, but darn it, I do like most of the clothes she wears. This dress is no exception – I’ve found a couple of patterns that would work perfectly for it too: Butterick 4977 or McCall 5094. Sew this up in a mod print quilted cotton and you’ve got yourself a great knock-off!


Well, it’s settled! I’ve started on the Jalie V-neck top today (the project has been added to the sidebar). I actually spent the morning cutting the pattern out – what a task that was! Since the fabric has a definite print, I decided that I needed to spend some time trying to match the design up on all the pieces. I’m hoping that I aligned everything correctly, I guess we’ll see when it’s all put together. Hopefully, I’ll have some time this afternoon to start the sewing.
And in nothing that relates to my own sewing, but a celebrity who does – Venus Williams is starting her own fashion label. I’m anxious to see if her designs are as fabulous as her tennis!

Jessica’s Sunshine Dress

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and somehow we managed to miss most of them – I suppose since Taylor decided to play outside Bret got control over the remote and opted to watch football instead! I did spend the morning searching through what everyone wore and had to share Jessica Alba’s cute summer frock. Not only do I love the color, but the style is adorable on her! It reminds me of a belted version of Hot Pattern’s No Sweat Easy Sew Triple T-Shirt Dresses. Make this in a pretty lemon yellow jersey from Denver Fabrics and you’re good to go! [picture via WireImage]

Up Next…..

Because I’ve been sewing up my stash, I’ve really been making a dent into my ‘must sew’ list, but I still have lots to tackle… I’m sort of stuck as to what I’d like to make up next – here’s your chance to help me decide:

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