Fall Knockoffs

Quite awhile ago I feel in love with the dress above – I loved the halter back and the fabric was fantastic. Unfortunately, the fit was horrible. When I came home I realized that I had a very similar fabric from Gorgeous Things. I’m hoping that I have time to draft a pattern before the weather turns cold. Speaking of, I’ve been ‘shopping’ for fall and have come up with some autumn inspirations:

The Victoria Secret coat – it’s been in the catalog now for a couple of years and every time I see it, I’m in love. There’s something so feminine about that pink coat that I can’t resist. I’m thinking that McCall 5274 would work in Anne’s soft baby pink coating.
I’m glad to see that this style of top is still in – that means that the tops I made from Butterick 4920 are still in fashion (I don’t plan on making any more, however).
I’m also happy to see that wrap dresses are still fashionable for fall! I love this one from Victoria Secret, but something tells me I might look like I’m wrapped up in a tie if I tried wearing it. I’m thinking McCall 5314 is a close match, though.
This Marc Jacobs quilted leather bowler is fabulous! But, at $1,500, I’d have to carry it around for the rest of my life to justify this purchase. McCall 5487 in some of Fabric Mart’s designer skins is probably the closest I can get so far. By the way, how do you quilt leather?
I’m also in love with this Michael Kors dress and jacket. I’m thinking Simplicity 3694 (with some modifications) might work for the jacket, I’m still searching for a good dress pattern.
So does anyone else have any good clothing inspirations for fall? (FYI, if you put a link in the comments section, your post may go into moderation, so it may take awhile to appear. I’ve had a lot of issues with spam lately and this was one of the measures that I had to take to fix it. Sorry for any inconveniences in the mean time.)

5 thoughts on “Fall Knockoffs

  1. stephanie

    Love love love the pink coat and your pattern looks perfect. Go for it!! Thanks for all the inspiration I’m ready to sew for fall. It’s my favorite season to sew for.

  2. Stephanie

    I definitely have Fall on the brain. I just picked up a Fall Fusion magazine at Joann (it was 2.99 but the extra %50 coupons included with it will make it pay for itself). It is filled with a lot of really cute fall outfits.

  3. sew4fun

    Stacy, you have to sew that pink coat. It would be perfect for you! I have a very similar winter coat in the same pink and I get stopped constantly and told how nice it is. Make it!
    Belinda (sew4fun)

  4. Bonnie

    I had my eye on that same coat last year! My family tried to order it for me at Christmas but it was sold out. Although now that I think about it, it might have had more of a tweedy look to it. But anyhoo, I also want one! I also have a yellow short length of this cut out and stuck to my bulletin board.
    I’m nervous about sewing a coat though. Please post if you decide to do it. Ann has some gorgeous colors for a coat.

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