A few weeks ago Taylor and I decided to visit Stoneware Studios – a local paint your own pottery type store. It’s always such a difficult decision, selecting what to paint up, but this time Taylor and I decided on “Soup-er mugs” (forgive the dark photo, I took these late).

I went with a more ‘traditional’ look on the outside (just stripes and squiggles), but on the inside, I did this:

Made from dishwashing liquid, paint, and lots of bubble blowing! I love the effect – in fact, I could do a whole piece in it!
So of course, on the menu this afternoon – soup, just so we can try out the new bowls!

6 thoughts on “Soup-er!

  1. Diann

    Ohh, I love the colors! I love the cool effect on the inside too. Don’t laugh, but that’s about the size of my morning latte’ mug!

  2. Nancy (nanflan)

    Cute bowls! They look like something you might see in a fancy little kitchen shop. I love the effect you created on the inside! I hope you and Taylor visit the pottery store again soon.

  3. Mary Sarah

    Love them! What fun projects! I just found pottery place like that near me and was thinking it would be fun to try. Now I know I’ll have to.

  4. Tuesday

    Ohhhhh, I love them!! I am digging that bubble effect! I’d love a whole set of dishes just like that! 😀
    “see” you in August 😉 off to the lake tonight 😛

  5. dawn

    Well, I never did believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I’d hope to be a potter in one life. I’d also like a lifetime to be a metal sculpture, jewelry maker, and glass blower.

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