New Dress

Is it wrong to make a dress because you fell in love with a pair of shoes? After seeing Sewl Sista #1 version of the Simplicity 3799, I knew that I had to make that dress to go with my new strappy, cork heels.

Fortuntely, Hobby Lobby had a Simplicity pattern sale so I was able to get it immediately. I sifted through my material and settled on some fabric originally intended to make the Hot Pattern Cha-Cha-Cha dress. When I purchased the material, I knew that I would be a bit short (I got the rest that was on the bolt) – unfortuantely, it wasn’t enough to make the Hot Patterns dress, but was perfectly suited for the Simplicity (with some left over)!

The dress itself was amazingly easy to put together. The directions were simple, there were just a few pieces, and I was able to whip this garment up in an afternoon! Since I had finished it before the wedding, I asked my family which dress I should wear – this one was the big winner. I think the fabric made this dress stand out – and the style was extremely comfortable to be doing lots of sitting, standing and dancing in!

11 thoughts on “New Dress

  1. Jen

    Very cute! I love how it turned out! I have that pattern too, but have been a little afraid that it would look maternity or tent like, but yours looks perfect! Did you make any changes to it or just sew as is? I was thinking that to make it turn out the way yours did I’d have to taper the sides in some but if you made no changes and it came out so great then I think I’ll try it as is. Very nice!

  2. Stacy

    I made this one as is – in a size XS. I had thought that I would need to taper in the sides, but it doesn’t look maternity, just loose.

  3. Bonnie

    Wow, that is cute! I have that pattern and was considering it for a top but that dress is adorable. I was also concerned about the possibility of a “tent” effect but it looks great on you.

  4. bernadette

    The dress looks great and so do you. Fabulous use of that fabric design!
    I happen to like “tent” dresses – they make me feel so *free*. I bought a sophisticated, trendy one (solid grey heavyish rayon) at H&M in NYC recently. Now I need a sophsiticated, trendy place to wear it! (and maybe new shoes – haha)

  5. bernadette

    One more thing – looking at the pattern specs for that dress, I think I would like to use it to make a bunch of summer nightgowns! It just look so comfy.

  6. Sandy in W

    Another dress right out of my youth! Just as cute this time around as it was the first time and the fabric is perfect for it.

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