Hello Harry!

Were you expecting a post about sewing today? Who can talk about sewing when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be soon arriving in my mailbox (let’s hope it’s in my mailbox we did super saver shipping with another item so you never know)? Needless to say, much of my weekend will be consumed with reading this final book in the Harry Potter series.

So to tide you over before I start talking about my latest project (Simplicity 3977), here’s so links!
If you haven’t already seen them, new fall patterns are up at Kwik Sew, Simplicity, Vogue, and a German preview of Burda.
Pillowig, enough said.
Make your own alligator sewing kit. [via Craft Gossip]
A wide headband tutorial.
Free downloadable patterns from the Joann website. I picked up McCall 5466.
Remember about a month ago when I linked to an ‘article’ that talked about more purses made from ‘meat’? Someone did it! I present to you, the Bacon Wallet.

1 thought on “Hello Harry!

  1. melissa

    Oh, I was so excited for that free downloadable pattern, so I chose one, entered in my (spam) email address, and got the email back to go get it.
    Only they don’t tell you until AFTER they’ve got your email address that their site is coded so shittily that it gives you massive error messages if you use Firefox or are on a Mac (or like me, use both). Grrrrrr…
    Now I have to go sew to cool down.

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