Before I start into a new (rambling) post, I wanted to say Thank You for all so much the wonderful comments that you all left yesterday about Taylor’s jr. bridesmaid’s dress! You all are getting me motivated to raid my closet and make more reconstructed garments! I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos tonight of everyone and share them when we get back. But first, let me share with you my new shoes:

I found these two pairs the other day while shoe shopping for Taylor’s bridesmaid dress.

All summer long I’ve wanted a pair of strappy, cork wedge sandals – when I came across the pair on the left I had to snag them – and they were on sale to boot! Of course, the issue was that I had nothing to wear with them, so it’s only stands to reason that I make something (more on that in an upcoming post). The shoes on the right looked to be a perfect match for my Vogue 8386 dress so I picked them up as well (also on sale). Let me just say that I like that dress so much better once I’ve put heals with them.
So, the big question is, what will I be wearing tonight? Will it be the new dress that I whipped out to go with my strappy shoes (I’ve put Simplicity 3799 on the sidebar as a teaser) or will the Vogue win out?

3 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. bernadette

    Heels are essential fashion aids for us short gals! But I call mine “party shoes” – and only parties where I can mostly stand around or sit. Walking in heels is not my forte. I honestly don’t know how other women do it.
    (I do sometimes dance in low heels but they are the special, strap-on kind created just for dancing so are both expensive and not very fashion-forward. haha)
    That swirl dress idea sounds like a “wow!” already.

  2. Amy

    ah shoes! I love them! I like the black cork ones very much! I wish I had more options as my feet are so wide from dancing. So, I collect porcelin shoes instead. Have fun at the wedding! I always end up dancing barefoot at weddings…and hope some clodhopper does not step on my toes!

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