Recon Completed

Are you ready to see my reconstructed bridesmaid dress? Are you sure? Alright here it is (I’m so excited to share it I can’t wait until the morning to post)!

And a photo of the back:

Since you last saw the dress, I attached the bodice to the skirt, stitched the ‘ribbon’ in place (which is really the satin straps made to look like a ‘bow’), used the broach as the ribbon knot, inserted the zipper (recycled from the original dress), criss-crossed the straps and attached them to the dress using snaps, and made narrow hems on the lining and sheer material. WHEW!!! By the way, I might add that the narrow hems were a booger to do with my foot when it tried to go over those French seams!
I honestly have to say, I am amazed I pulled this one off! Not only did I have enough material to make this dress for Taylor, but I did it in a matter of days (and just in time for the wedding). I feel very ‘liberated’ – taking something from my wardrobe and turning it into something my child could wear. The wedding is Friday evening so I’m sure that I’ll have lots of photos to share after the weekend.

38 thoughts on “Recon Completed

  1. Diann

    Stacy, it is fabulous! How smart you were to think of doing that. It makes me want to get in my closet and “remake” me a new wardrobe. Great job!

  2. Rubydarling

    The dress is fantastic, what a great job! And Taylor looks fantastic in it. I hope you both have a brilliant time at the wedding.

  3. christina

    I am seriously impressed! Your daughter’s dress looks perfect on her, and I really admire that you were able to totally refashion a dress that you no longer needed. What skill!

  4. Julie

    The dress turned out beautifully! Taylor looks so pretty in it. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  5. Sheila

    What a fantastic job! You should keep those pictures and after Taylor outgrows it make it into something else. :o)

  6. bernadette

    Wow! What a SUPER result you created! Be so proud.
    Taylor, you have an amazing Mom! Do something *EXTRA* nice for her next week. You look certainly extra pretty in that red dress.
    (My Mom always told me that the girl who wears a red dress has the most fun at a party!)

  7. Elaine

    The dress is fantastic. I have two bridesmaids dresses my daughter left at our house and one was never worn. I am going to hold onto them as I have two young neices. Great job!

  8. Sandy in W

    You’ve got to be feeling 10 feet tall today…look at ALL these well-deserved compliments. What a great “save” of a dress not likely to get much use (but which you probably would feel a little guilty getting rid of). It’s just a perfectly lovely outcome and Taylor looks smashingly cute in it (it’s just the right combination of sophisticated but not TOO sophisticated for T’s age). I’m envious of your abilites, your prolific creativity and your willingness to devote yourself to sewing under time pressure this way.

  9. Cherie

    Another “kudos” message at such a wonderful recon, for a special occasion and a special daughter. Brings a new meaning to the “reuse, recycle” campaign! As a teenager, I learned to sew transforming my aunt’s rejects into my own wardrobe. Have a terrific time at the wedding!

  10. Kris

    WOO WOO!!!! Stacy, the dress is amazing! And Taylor is so darned cute! You definitely should be proud of yourself 🙂

  11. bernadette

    Stacy, I think you might start a trend. After all, there are a LOT of leftover bridemaid’s dresses out there just begging for a makeover. Maybe there could be a yearly contest – like that duct tape prom thing. (Craft mag is the natural sponser.) You’d probably win, too!

  12. Sharon

    Wow! You did a great job on remaking the dress for your daughter! And she looks so lovely in the new dress. No wonder you’re excited!

  13. Claire

    How beautiful is that? Your daughter looks gorgeous in that color, and the fit is very good. I’m very impressed at how you did that. Talk about thrifty and resourceful!

  14. jemima bean

    Holy Cow! I second the Best Reconstruction Ever Award!! Taylor looks adorable in it too. I wonder if I have that pattern, it’s the perfect “grown up” little girl dress.
    Nicely done!

  15. Teresa

    It’s kind of funny that I found your site today! I was doing a search for images of this pattern and your site popped up on Google. Then, I see that you made it into a Jr. Bridesmaid dress like I was going to do, in the exact same color that the bride is using too! Yours turned out so pretty. I think I will have to go with a white with perhaps some red accents, since I doubt I’ll find that exact color of fabric anywhere and I don’t have a bridesmaid dress to cut up!

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