I’m A Cannibal

Next Friday, my brother-in-law is getting married. His fiancee called the other night to let me know that they no longer needed a candle lighter (they’ve been supplied with electric candles), but would like Taylor to be a Jr. Bridesmaid instead. I know the hopes of finding a dress in the right color is going to be next to impossible (or even in red), but as luck would have it, I had a NEW bridesmaid’s dress (it was never worn as the wedding was canceled) in the exact colors as hers!

Of course, the style is a bit ‘adult’ looking for a 10 year old (you can see a photo of the dress in black at the bottom of this post) and it didn’t fit properly, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and rip it apart and cannibalize the fabric (even the zipper!). Since my pattern stash is packed away (and it was too late to go to the store), I sifted through what was sitting out and have settled on Simplicity 4255 – View B. I know this particular design is a sun dress, but the neckline looks like it could be ‘dressy’ and I love the crisscross straps in the back. If possible, I intend on lengthening the dress, but it will all depend on how much fabric I have to work with. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “I’m A Cannibal

  1. Stephanie

    You don’t need any luck, you’ve got talent! I’m sure the dress will turn out great. That pattern will look a lot dressier with the dressy fabric.

  2. Joey

    I love cannablizing fabric; we do it all the time for costumes and we call it ‘fabric mining’.
    Something really great to do occassionally is to go to the local charity thrift shop and get old prom dresses just for the satin.

  3. Stacy

    Thanks everyone… I’ve cut into the fabric – more updates on this tomorrow!
    Joey – great idea! I’m going to have to remember that.

  4. candyo

    Good luck! I’m sure it’ll turn out fine. What happened to the bride whose wedding was canceled?

  5. stacy

    Well, to make a long story short – her ex husband got involved…. She was planning on moving 45 min. away (which would also place her in a different state) when she got married. Her ex-husband never took an interest in his children until he found that out and filed for joint custody and won. In an effort to stay close to her kids she decided not to move and her fiancee refused to leave the city he was in and move in with her so they called the wedding off.

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