Almost Gumdrops

Aside from some much needed housecleaning, I managed to get my gumdrop pillows sewn up. Of course, right now they are just lifeless balls of fabric:

Instead of using alternating fabrics for my pillows, I went with two ‘solid’ ones instead. Since I went this route, I omitted one fabric piece (it’s a hexagonal shaped piece that is sewn to a top of the pillow mostly for decoration) because it really didn’t make any difference in the overall design (I did add it to one of the pillows, but it blends in so much you can’t tell it’s there).
I was amazed at how fast these pillows went together! But let me tell you, they are going to be large – like small ottomans (and I opted for the 18″ version). I can’t wait to stuff them and see how they look completed!

7 thoughts on “Almost Gumdrops

  1. Anary

    You cannot wait…I am super anxious!
    Are these guys going to be part of your new soon to be buit sewing room?
    Gosh what an inspiration!

  2. Chris

    I was wondering where all the Gum Drop Pillows were? Yeah, I’m one to talk – I have my fabric put aside, but I haven’t started one yet. Glad to hear they are fast. I have bags and bags of stuffing waiting for these. Can’t wait to see yours.

  3. stacy

    Yes, these will be a part of the new sewing room! I’m hoping to have a ‘reading’ area (or just a nice place for someone to sit and visit while I sew and plan on putting these there.

  4. Diann

    How did I miss this cute pattern? I love Amy Butler “stuff”. I can’t wait to see how large they turn out. I hope you have a lot of stuffing!

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