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If you’ve surfed the internet for aprons, Japanese craft books, or sewing sites, more than likely you’ve stumbled across Amy Karol’s blog, Angry Chicken. Now she’s taking that same friendly tone, projects, and inspiration, that she blogs about and turning it into a book – Bend-the-Rules Sewing.

Like most recently released sewing books, the first few chapters are devoted to teaching the beginner to sew. Even though I’m no longer a novice, I always like to read these sections – you never know what you might learn! In Amy’s book, she covers everything from the tools and notions to fabrics and patterns. Although, this time around, I didn’t learn anything new, I did enjoy Amy’s since of humor in how she described various techniques and even found myself nodding in agreement, frequently!
Of course my favorite part of the book is the projects! Included in Bend-the-Rules are 30 different crafts: Gifts to make (these include some of the cutest purses and pouches as well as accessories such as a headband and dog collar), Home Interiors (coasters, place mats, simple cutains, adorable pillows, and of course aprons!), and Sewing for children (bibs, plush,and even a puppet theater). The only downside to these projects is that you’ll need to use a photo copier to enlarge the templates provided in the book (I know most books go this route, but I really have a problem using a copier and getting everything to fit properly on the paper – if anyone has any tips, let me know).
So probably the biggest question is, “What does bending the rules have to do with sewing?” Basically, it comes down to this – Do Your Own Thing. Don’t be restricted by the ‘rules’ of the pattern, feel free to add your own elements (fabric paints, hand stitching, etc.) and stop worrying if your project isn’t ‘perfect’! So take those projects that Amy provides and add your own creativity to them and be sure to bend those rules in the future!

3 thoughts on “Bend The Rules Sewing

  1. beki

    I wasn’t going to get this book, but at the last minute decided to order it. I’m hoping it arrives before I leaveon vacation this weekend, as I think it’d be a nice vacation read.

  2. Kris

    Hi Stacy! I read through my copy the other night and completely agree with you 🙂 My favorites are the projects! I found the beginning to be a lot more basic than I had thought, but it’s always good to read things to reinforce better behaviors 🙂
    I just got SEW U too, but haven’t looked through it yet…

  3. Sharon

    I haven’t ordered this book yet but was planning on it. Glad to hear there are lots of great projects – I also dislike having to enlarge the patterns in the books. I don’t have a tip for you as it seems that I can never get the pattern to fit correctly either!

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