A Little Something For Me

While working on my swap package the other day, I decided it was time to clear a WIP (work in progress) off my desk. I’m not actually sure if I could consider this a work in progress since all I did was take it out of the package and look at it, but still, I’m happy to report that my Cup O’ Joe mug is complete – and it’s wonderful!

Awhile back Betz White posted these adorable kits to her Etsy shop and I immediately snagged one (after all, I do have a thing for pincushions!). In a way I was dreading having to put this together – it does require some hand stitching (of which I am very self-conscious about the looks of mine). However, once I got started, I didn’t want to put it down – I’m now in love with working with felted pieces! Hand stitches seem melt into the fibers so no one can see how pretty (or in my case, not) your sewing is (many items can just be glued together as well, but I opted to sew much of it). Now I can’t wait until her book comes out this winter!
Speaking of books, my Amazon order finally arrived! I spent the evening pouring over Amy Karol‘s Bend-the-Rules Sewing and my new t-shirt recon book, Save This Shirt. Be expecting some book reviews soon!

5 thoughts on “A Little Something For Me

  1. Linda L

    This is adorable. Like you my hand sewing is just not good! This I might can do. It is really something I need in my office as everyone knows I am cappucino/latte/mocha/coffee drinker.

  2. Sharon

    That is really neat! I love the colors, makes me want to go have a cup of chocolate or mocha.

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