More Sweets

Are you sick of seeing faux sweets yet? I swear, that the items that I’m making for this swap will be coming to a close soon…. well, within the next two weeks (just kidding)! But until then, I’ve made a few more things.

When I went out to get supplies from Hobby Lobby, I found the cutest plate – it was so appropriate for this swap that I had to pick it up! I had a hard time deciding what to make with it – a placemat? napkins? I decided instead to make some tea towels and I had the perfect embroidery designs to work with! After adding some ribbon trim to each one, I was all set to wrap it up. I tied it all together with cute craft ribbon (it has cupcakes and says So Sweet) and topped it with a Christmas candy pick (yes, Christmas items are appearing in stores already). I’m almost ready to send out!

4 thoughts on “More Sweets

  1. jemima bean

    Cute project! I love the embroidery designs, what are they? (Like I don’t already have so many that there aren’t enough projects in the world left to embroider on.)

  2. Stacy

    It’s Bernina’s Just Desserts collection. I looked up the number it’s Deco card #146.

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