Since I was gone this last week, I didn’t get any sewing in. Consequently, I’ve been feeling the need to do something – even a small project. So I went to work on creating something for my next swap (no peeking Tuesday!).

This time I made a donut pincushion (I scented it with a sugar cookie fragrance that smells a lot like a donut, too) and some sugary treat pins:

This project was actually much more difficult than what I thought it would be. I’m sure that there is a simpler way to make a stuffed donut, but I’m not sure that I would make more to find out. Here’s the steps that I took:
1) Place two felt squares together, draw a large circle and a smaller circle (inside of the larger one) on one (wrong) side of felt
2) Sew the large circle, right sides together. Cut small circle out, leaving a 1/4 seam allowance
3) Turn right side out
4) Stuff the donut (I inserted fragrance here)
5) Sew small circle shut (you’ll have to hand stitch this once closed, tucking the raw edges inside).
6) Cut pink (or other ‘frosting’ color) felt the same size as donut circles
7) Decorate with beads, etc. for sprinkles and sew onto stuffed donut

7 thoughts on “Doh!

  1. Becky Wheeler

    Love the donut and scent idea. I seem to get more excited with my sewing projects with scented candels (especially roses). Makes a nice addition to any sewing room.
    Question: Where do I go within your web pages to ask questions? I’m really needing some special help!

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