Take Out

Before Taylor and I left, I was on a roll – I had made a second project for Tuesday’s Yummy Sweet Swap package.

It’s hard to tell from the dark fabric, but it’s a fabric covered Chinese Take Out box!

Since I loathe working with Timtex, I opted for this version from J Caroline Creative. I hand never done anything like this before, so let me give you a bit of a review of this tutorial:
Pros: Cute, versatile, and easy to whip up project. There’s lots of ways you can embellish this box so it’s uses can vary from decoration to functional storage or even a purse. The instructions are clear-cut and easy to follow. This would also be a great project to work on with older children.
Cons: Messy, messy, messy – and I’m not just talking about all the glue! I used several combinations of glues with this project: spray adhesive (fun and easy) to attach the fabric to the outside of the box, ‘stick’ glue to adhere the fabric to the inside of the box, and a craft bond agentglue to get the side panels and ribbon to stick to each other (I was afraid everything else wouldn’t produce a strong enough bond). My biggest complaint is how the inside looks – messy. With having the raw edges of the fabric exposed, it just doesn’t look ‘polished’ on the inside. To try to correct this, I hot glued some ribbon trim to the inside, but it still doesn’t look as finished as I would have liked.
All in all, a great project and highly recommended it if you’re looking for a cute container to send something in. Now to fill this one! I have several ideas, but I think I’ll mull them over before I actually decide on what I’m making.

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