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I’m slowwwwllllyyyy sifting through emails and reading through everyone’s crafty blogs (even though I don’t always comment, I always visit the URLs that you all post in the comments section) and I’m feeling like I’ve been missing so much! So I thought that I would share some fun links and contests that I’ve stumbled across (I may be posting more tomorrow, I’m only up to the G’s in my feed reader!):

Adorn magazine attended to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend and has some swag to give away! Enter this contest and you could win one of 10 totes (the only stipulation, if you win, you must share with me, they sound wonderful).
I know that lacing shoelaces has very little to do with sewing, but this site has 31 ways to string your shoe – cool. [link via Boutique Cafe]

Here’s another opportunity
to win a sewing machine – a Singer Quantum 9940 (the same model that I currently own). You’ll need to carefully read through the rules on this one.
Craft had a huge list of things that I either want to try or make (or wish I could make):
How to take Spinning Photographs.
Make your own hoodie.
DIY fabric labels. Now I have something to use my Joann’s coupon on.
I need to teach myself how to crochet, these cake sachets are too cute!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Links

  1. jemima bean

    Aw, sorry about your grandmother. Prayers your way!
    Your low-back BWOF top is gorgeous!! How I wish I could wear that one. Perfect summer top. Of course the middle of my back (i.e. my spine) might be the thinner part of my back tho…LOL 😀
    Ok, those crochet cakes are adorable! I”m saving those for sure. I crochet…or at least I CAN. I hardly ever DO. Too many other things on my plate I guess.
    I learned on an OLD paperback craft book my grandma gave me when I was 10 or 11. It’s from the 40s/50s and is chock full of patterns. I think the price on the cover is 15 cents! Check the thrift stores & flea mkts. I see them all the time, and they have the best little retro (obviously) patterns in them!

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