A Good Cast

I finally got around to doing my resin magnets and this time it was a great cast. I could almost immediately tell that they would harden properly – just a few hours after making them they were almost hard and virtually no smell this time at all. I was disappointed that the calculator magnet got an air bubble in it, but I’m not surprised that it happened – it barely fit my mold and I kept pushing it down to make after I filled up the resin (I still like the way it turned out and will be sending it off to my swap partner).

In addition to the ‘jello’ magnets, I also gave a few other objects a try: a stamp (go figure, it’s Wonder Woman), some scrapbooking items, and images in bottle caps.

Of course, working with resin is still quite a learning process for me. Things to remember for the next time I try this: 1) always wipe away excess mold release – it will leave a residue that is difficult (if not impossible) to remove from your cast pieces, 2) check the underside of the molds for air bubbles that form, 3) bottle cap magnets are fun and easy to make be sure to glue the images to the bottom of the bottle cap next time (they like to try to float up) and if the image is light, make sure to use a heavy, light-colored backing with it!

3 thoughts on “A Good Cast

  1. bernadette

    What a fun bunch of magnets you made!
    Your tips are helpful. I think I might have to try some bottle cap magnets of cute family people and cats!

  2. jemima bean

    Those are SO awesome!! I remember being Woner Woman for Halloween one year…I think everyone in my class was 😀 Either WW or Princess Leia (my hair wasn’t long enough to appropriately do the braided earbun thingie, so WW it WAS!)
    Were these hard? I’m scared of the smell. (And the California has declared this material to be carcinogenic warning label :D)

  3. stacy

    This was only my second attempt at resin, but it was fairly easy. Apparently from what I’ve read, there are several different types of resin you can use – I tried Easy Cast which was the easiest and least toxicodor! I also wore a mask (not the respirator kind) with a filter and worked outside when I did it all. I must have mixed the ratio right because it had far less smell than the last time I tried it!

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