Good Karma

Thankfully, the Hot Patterns Good Karma Camisole has gone together very quickly because I already have a completed garment!

It is a bit maternity-ish so I believe that I’ll have to carefully select the bottoms I wear with this style, but overall I’m pleased with the outcome. Wearing a bra with this is also tricky – between the ribbon straps (which would make wearing visible bra straps difficult) and the keyhole back

which falls right around your bra line, you’ll either need to let the girls be ‘free’ or you’ll need something like Victoria’s Secret 100 ways bra (which gives you a good excuse to buy one because I think that it looks very interesting).
Now with this project down, it’s time to hunt for my ‘new fabric purchases’ moving box along with my ‘new patterns’ box so I can get started on some more summer tops (and maybe a purse or two)!

8 thoughts on “Good Karma

  1. jemima bean

    Now that is one cute top! I’m rethinking this little pattern…now I wanna know WHY my Hancocks doesn’t carry the new HP’s??? Drat it.
    I, however, can never “let the girls run free”. LOL! Put someone’s eye out thataway (likely mine). Soooo, I’d definitely have to investigate the VS bra. Or just go with the fasihonable bra strap show-age. (i.e. just for mowing the lawn or hanging around the pool!)

  2. Linda L

    This is cute. You are slim and young enough to wear this. I think you are correct about wearing it with the right pants.

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