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I just wanted to let everyone know that posting over the next few days may be a bit spotty. My grandmother passed away and we’re off to St. Louis for the funeral. Since we’re staying with family, I’m not sure what my internet situation will be so please forgive me if it takes awhile for me to get back to you if you email or leave comments.
In the mean time, here’s a few contests that can keep you busy:
If you haven’t already filled it out, be sure to complete this survey to win a $699 sewing machine.
Joann’s is currently running a $1,000 complete scrapbooking collection sweepstakes. Now that’s a lot of paper!
Sign yourself up for Amy Butler’s mailing list and you’ll be entered to win this quarter’s prize – two Boxy Pillows and a Diana Sling handbag.
The American Sewing Expo has a number of contest coming up including Baby Lock’s Passion for Fashion Sewing Challenge and a “Not Your Mother’s Apron” contest.

My Office

Yesterday, it came…. My Office Swap package. Let me say that this is one of the best packages that I’ve received – not only did it have me rolling on the floor laughing, but it was well thought out and I got some great items. In order to fully appreciate the package, you need to read the letter that goes along with it, so in addition to lots of photos, I’m posting the note. My partner wrote it as if Dwight (my very, very favorite character) had sent it to me:

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Plunge Back Top Complete!

Just in time for the weekend, my Burda plunge back top is finished! I’m very pleased with the way this top turned out – a bit more time consuming that what I had first thought it would be, but well worth it. I think that it’s the little details such as the shirring on the back strap, the plunge look, as well as the gathered waist that make it look more ready to wear than something someone whipped up in their basement!

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Win A Sewing Machine

Everyone likes a new machine, right? Well, here’s your chance to win one. Just spend a few minutes answering questions from the The Next Generation Sewers survey and you’ll be entered to win a NEW $699 sewing machine! Additionally, from the sounds of it, you’ll be helping to form a new sewing community and may have the opportunity to help test it out. It takes under 10 minutes to give your opinions so get out out there and share yours – this questionnaire will only be up for 2 weeks, so get moving and good luck!

More New Fabrics

While moving, I had plenty of time to think about sewing (since very little sewing was taking place!). One of the things that I had decided to make for myself was a few more Henley style shirts for this summer. I was so impressed with my first Onion pattern, that I’ve decided make a few more of Onion 5038.

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Double Digits

It’s hard to believe, but Taylor turns 10 today!!! Since Bret is traveling, we already did a ‘celebration’ over the weekend, but I have one more surprise for her this morning – tickets to tonight’s show of High School Musical on stage. Now it’s time to wake up the birthday girl and get her to golf! Happy Birthday, Taylor!