Bag of Pranks

It seems like I’ve been packing forever now, but I took a breather and have finally made my last item for the Office Swap – Jim’s Bag of Pranks:

I had been ‘collecting’ items for this one for awhile: vampire teeth, the Pervert poster and mirror with a sharpie mustache, a Future Dwight fax, Altoids, crayons, lime Jello, and a bag of nickels. I made a drawstring bag with a pocket that holds a list – basically an explanation of each of the items included in the bag. The only thing that I don’t care for about this bag is the fact I neglected to use a dark iron on transfer sheet for the pocket – poor Jim looks a bit pink in his photo! Send outs for this one aren’t until June 12, so I still have time to work with resin to make a few magnets!