Boxes, Boxes, And MORE Boxes

Somewhere among all those boxes is what’s remaining of my sewing area. I’ve left nothing but the ‘basics’ out for now – my machines (which I intend on moving myself), threads, a small assortment of notions, and my Hot Pattern’s Camisole pattern (and fabric) in the hopes that I may find time to squeeze in some cutting time with this top before move day.

4 thoughts on “Boxes, Boxes, And MORE Boxes

  1. Julia

    I’ve moved so many times – this is a very familiar scene. My best advice – no opening boxes on the other end unless you’re going to unpack it completely and properly. I think it’s the only way to take advantage of the opportunity to organize to the max! Good luck!

  2. Crystal

    Stacy, bugging you about the BWOF tunic again, if you don’t mind. What’s the fit of the top in the torso region? Is it loose or more body skimming? I was thinking about the fact it’s described as a “tunic” and normally that style doesn’t look very good on me… I need more fitted styles. I hope it’s not designed to be too loose since I already bought the fabrics for it!

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