Here’s To Summer

As of today, Taylor is officially on summer vacation! To celebrate, we’re taking the day off from packing and just relaxing – maybe catch a movie, do some shopping, or maybe sneak in some sewing. We also have an appointment to review the plans for our new house. Sewing room, here I come! In the mean time, here’s a few fun links for you to follow:
If you’re wanting to know more about the Burda Style site, my sewing history, or just want to know what I sound like in ‘real life’ (let me just say upfront that I get a lot of “Is your mother home” when I answer the telephone), then check out Lori’s podcast, Sew Forth Now – I’m this week’s guest!
My favorite apron and fabric designer, Hoodie, has started her own blog! Check out her new site here.
Speaking of favorites – Amy Butler’s new home decor fabric line, Nigella, is right around the corner. While you’re checking out her new colorways, be sure to print out a copy of her free pattern – the Nigella Yoga Mat.
My new online toy – [link via whipup]. I’m most excited about the upcoming ‘Fabric to Dress’ option!

6 thoughts on “Here’s To Summer

  1. bernadette

    Swell links! Thanks!
    Happy summer vacation time to all of you. (Tell Taylor schools here go until mid-June!)

  2. bernadette

    Funny. I just took a closer look at the “Nigella” prints and don’t see any Nigella-like flowers like the ones I know about. I have some lovely, blue ones in bloom right now in my front garden bed. Another name for them is “love-in-a-mist”. They are airy, delicate and lovely but they sadly don’t last long. They do develop nice seed pods so maybe THOSE are depicted on the fabric.

  3. Hoodie

    Thanks! I’m pretty much beginner in blog world. I will try my best! Have a nice Memorial day weekend!

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