Project #2

With all the swap planing and crafting this week, I’ve been spending lots of time with Paint Shop Pro. Yesterday, I made my partner a Dunder Mifflin “Employee of the Month, Scranton” shirt (I also used ‘fuzzy’ letters to add her name to the back):

Two projects down, one to go! What’s in store for the next one? “Jim’s Bag of Pranks”
And since you all have been wonderful readers and have putting up with all my Office sewing talk this week, here’s a Schrute Buck for you (I want to send out a huge Thank You to artist Toby Hilden for creating this one, I’m so glad that I stumbled across his site, my versions looked horrid!).

One thought on “Project #2

  1. Sheila

    All your talk of swaps has got me wanting to do one. I looked at the site you swap at and it looks like you have to have to do 2 swaps to join a swap. Kinda like credit– you have to have it to get it. :o) I don’t know how you do it though–moving and doing sewing & swaps!! My husband just got a job in Wyoming and all I have time for is moving related stuff. I’ll just enjoy your sewing & swap talk in the mean time.

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