Looking to win some sewing and crafting related goodies? Here’s your chance! Below are just a few of the contests you can score some swag.

Enter your Amy Butler WIP or completed skirt or bag pattern in U-handbag’s latest contest. You have until Friday to win 1 of 3 prizes!
Read through the latest issue of Sew News and spotted the June/July hide and seek image? Enter here for your chance to win 1 or 10, $25 Joann’s gift certificates.
It’s not too late to submit your photo of your completed Sew Stylish or Threads garmet to Simplicity. This contest runs until May 31 and one lucky winner will be jetting off to Paris.
Check out the Summer edition of Adorn magazine for your chance to enter a Huskystar Needle Felting Machine. This one requires you to send in a postcard through snail mail (but well worth it).
The Joann’s site is currently down – but be sure to check back to win a crafty storage system!
Pattern Review is also hosting a number of sewing contests – currently running: Sewing With A Plan (SWAP), Sewing for MenBoys, and a Home Decor challenge.
Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Jaime H

    Hi Stacy, I’ve just found your website and I’ve bookmarked it. I like everything I’ve read so far. I have been sewing, like you, since Home Ec class about 7th or 8th grade. I’m proud to say I actually completed my sleveless blouse with a collar (with help from teacher). I still have my “license” to use a sewing machine. She made papers and signed them if you passed. I’m now 37, just had my first baby 14 months ago and am a SAHM. I’ve always loved to sew, but never had much time. Now I really don’t have much time! Except at night when everyone’s asleep. My latest project… a very simple tank top for myself. easy you would think, right? I feel like a complete idiot. I bought a pattern a long time ago and thought I could adjust it to my newer (ok fatter) size. I misjudged the amount of fabric to buy (after I bought like 7 different fabrics and washed and ironed them all which happen to be all 1/4 yd too small!) so here I am about sitting on my craft room floor and it’s about midnight, my eyes crossing cause I’m so tired and trying to read this dadblum stupid pattern. Now I’ve made tanks before, but I never used a pattern. I thought I’d get “fancy” and have something kinda nice with darts and all. (and avoid the dreaded uni-boob look) Well no-ooooooo. As I said earlier, I tried to adjust my size (meticulously tracing onto gift wrapping tissue paper and using a little ruler to add an inch all around the largest size it offered) and I thought I was making progress as I had already cut my fabric and sewn up the shoulders and sides, so I tried it on hoping that the reason it looked dreadfully too small for me because my eyes were litterally crossing. I proudly tried it on and I couldn’t even get it over my chest. 🙁 So… I yanked it off nearly in tears and threw it in a corner and haven’t tried sewing anything since. (really, just tonight I’m embarassed to say that I used about 10 little safety pins to hang a dark liner for my sons curtains so I could hopefully get a little more sleep in the morning!) Just as I was about to forget sewing alltogether and go to (gasp!) Walmart to get me some summer tanks, I’ve ran across your great site. Thanks for being an inspiration to get back on the horse and give it another try. Sorry for the very lengthy post. Can you tell I have virtually no adult interaction???? haha
    thanks again – Jaime

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