Move Over Macy’s, I’ve Made My Own Top

I took everyone’s advice yesterday and decided to keep working on my Burda tunic. The rest of the top went together without a snag, until I hit the lower back portion of the top…… What’s wrong with the lower back, you say? There wasn’t one! I searched all over my sewing area and realized that I not only forgot to cut that particular piece from the fabric, but that I didn’t even bother to trace that piece off. Fortunately, I had plenty of leftover fabric and managed to produce this:

I was so thrilled after sewing it, that I immediately wore it out (with my Built by Wendy City shorts) and went shopping (more on that tomorrow)!

40 thoughts on “Move Over Macy’s, I’ve Made My Own Top

  1. Linda

    Stacy- Your top is so much better than the Macy’s top. I tried on the Macy’s top last January. It looked awful on me. Of course it was too long, the sleeves were too long and it was too way low cut in the front. In other words it did not fit! I was worried that it was the fabric was too large (I bought the same stuff from Gorgeous Things too). Now that I have seen yours, I can see that your improvements will results in a better top out of the same fabric. Thank you for enabling. How do you think the fabric will feel for summer? I am still on the fence about a top like this one, or a sleeveless, empire dress.

  2. melissa

    Stacy, it looks FAB!
    And I’m so jealous that you can actually wear shorts outside in the sunshine! It’s been freezing and wet here for weeks, it’s not fair!

  3. madmommy

    Wow! Love those colors, and that is a great style of tunic!
    We’ve sold our house, but we won’t be moving into another one for about a month afterwards, so we’ll be living with family up in Hutchinson (where we’re moving). Glad to hear you found a place to live also!

  4. Sandy in Wichita

    Oh, you tiny person…that makes an outstanding outfit….I’m suffering the disease “envy”. I have admired that fabric…RTW tops of a similar design are made up in some of the tackiest fabrics, in my opinion. This success should give you a feeling of well being that can only enhance the big chore ahead!

  5. Sandy in Wichita

    Oh, you tiny person…that makes an outstanding outfit….I’m suffering the disease “envy”. I have admired that fabric…RTW tops of a similar design are made up in some of the tackiest fabrics, in my opinion. This success should give you a feeling of well being that can only enhance the big chore ahead!

  6. Stephanie

    Fantastic job! I love the whole outfit.
    I was so happy when I found a BWOF magazine at a local newstand this month. I’m not really excited about any of the May patterns though. I wish I had found the March magazine after reading this post!

  7. stacy

    Thanks everyone!!! I am in love with my new top!
    I was worried about the large print being too much on me too, but there’s so much out there like this I decided to go ahead and ‘go for it’ – and was really pleasantly surprised!
    I think that the fabric feels wonderful on – with having this top in short sleeves it seems like it won’t make you too hot even though it’s a polylycra blend. Oh my goodness, I’d love to see this in a empire waist dress too!
    On a side note, Taylor loved this fabric too – if the next time that I order from Ann (which at the rate I’m going will be soon) I may have to pick more up just for her!

  8. Crystal

    Wow, Stacey, I am amazing at the caliber of your sewing. That looks better than store-bought! I really adore that fabric, too. Is it from Gorgeous Things? Does she ever restock past fabrics?

  9. stacy

    I have to admit, that the photo is inspired by Erica B. – she always has great outdoor photos and I though that mine were starting to look boring. Taylor is taking complete credit since she is my photographer!
    Crystal – Yes! this is a Gorgeous Things print. I checked this morning and she still had some in stock!

  10. Penny

    Oh, you look so darling! I love that top & the shorts! I need to get to Joann’s and do some sewing for spring/summer!

  11. Alicia

    Wow! That top looks great! I agree, I think it looks way better than the one from Macy’s!
    BTW, I tagged you, come take a look at the blog to see the details. 😉

  12. Belinda

    Look at you! You look fab Stacy! Love the new top. I also like how the links on the fabric flow from the bottom to the top half of the top. (Yes, I notice these things 😀 )

  13. Jen

    Oh that is too cute. Is that the one from the illustrated sewing course a few months back? I thought it would look too boxy so I didn’t think I would want to sew it but yours is really cute so I guess I’ll give it a try now 🙂

  14. Kris

    Ooh la la Stacy! Lots of things to comment on: (1) you look fabulous! (2) Gorgeous top – I’d never have the guts to make something with a bold print… maybe I should! (3) I’m so jealous too that it’s shorts weather there – and that your grass is green!

  15. Anary

    Did the Wichita papper called you for a new interview? If not they need to hurry! You look like a Star!

  16. Sheri

    Very cute Stacy! I’m so impressed with your sewing and the way you put things together!

  17. Anonymous

    Oh Stacy! I am loving your top!!!! I was just thinking that this print would look really cute in an empire dress like the one I saw on PR the other day (made from a New Look top pattern I think….) Tell Taylor she did a fab job on the photo!

  18. bernadette

    Super look on you! Your tunic looks SO much better than any of the many RTW versions. The curved band under the bust, though requiring that troublesome pointed seam, is way more flattering than the straight-across bands in RTW and most patterns. Great job!

  19. Claire (Little Miss Sew N Sew)

    Stacy, that top is beautiful. What a wonderful job you did with it. I underscore the others – it looks so much better than the inspiration one. I bet you feel like a million bucks wearing that. Looks great, great, great on you.

  20. Sharon

    What a great top! You look like you belong in a fashion magazine. I bet Ann’s fabric and the pattern will see an immediate increase in sales. This is very inspiring!

  21. Melissa R. Garrett

    Look at you! You’re so gorgeous!! The top looks fantastic 🙂
    My feedblitz account hasn’t been delivering all my subscriptions again, and yours was one of them. ARG!

  22. austin

    Stacy, I LOVE the top! In fact, I love it so much, I am going to shamelessly steal your idea. I told hubby I was going to make a Stacy top. “What is a Stacy top?” he asked. I showed him your blog pic and he was very impressed.
    You look great in the pic! Taylor did a very good job.
    I am a fan of Erica B. also. Both of you are an inspiration.

  23. Lisa

    Ohh Wowser! You look fab, what a great top, and it fits you perfectly.
    If would LOVE to be this good at dress making.

  24. Amy

    Oh boy! I’m behind in my blog reading and looked what I missed! This top is awesome! Oh man, I might have to give this one a try! I can’t wait to read your review! I best go look for it now!
    Great job!

  25. Crystal

    Stacy, hate to bother you again about this top, but I got to reading the instructions, and it has a lot of interfacing. Did you use the interfacing?

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