Stalking Pincushions

After days of stalking the Betz White Etsy shop, I finally broke down and bought her Cup ‘o Joe Pincushion kit this morning. I couldn’t help it – it’s just too cute to pass up!

While I wait for that package to arrive, I’m working on the Burda tunic top (yes, finally). I’d like to get as many WIPs (Works In Progress) off my table before we move! I also would like to have that finished before my new Gorgeous Fabric arrives. Last night, I had a thought that I would use my new dot jersey for the Hot Pattern’s Good Karma top. Now I need to decide if I’m tracing the pattern off like I normally would or just cut right into it. How do you all handle the new Hot Patterns patterns?

9 thoughts on “Stalking Pincushions

  1. Sheila

    Just wondering where everyone buys their paper to trace patterns. Can’t seem to find it at regular fabric stores anymore. Do you order it online and where??

  2. stacy

    I use Pattern Ease which I can usually find in the interfacing section of Joanns. I’ve seen Pattern Ease online too, but haven’t had to purchase it there yet.

  3. MeLisa

    I have started of tracing my new HP, but I was wondering the same thing, if I should bother. My thought was though that they are so much more $ I don’t want mess them up.
    You know what I have been using lately to trace my pattern is white tissue paper. I usually use Do Sew but I ran out & had the tissue paper so I gave it a try. It’s much cheaper & my thought was that if I only end up making that garment once then why waste the $ on the good stuff? If it is something that I think that I will make more times then I will trace it one something sturdier.

  4. Bonnie

    That dot fabric will be cute for any of those versions. I like the puff sleeve one. Which one are you going to do?
    I can’t decide what I’m going to make with my dot fabric.
    Love those pincushions!

  5. stacy

    I’m not sure that I got enough to make the puff sleeve version – I guess I’ll have to see if I can play around with the pattern placement and see if I can squeeze out enough fabric for it. Otherwise, I’m leaning toward the keyhole cami with possibly a matching teal ribbon (if I can find the right color).
    I’ve never tried Do Sew – who makes it?

  6. Lynn

    Hi, I’ve been “lurking” on your wonderful blog for some time and really enjoy seeing and reading about all of your projects! Just wanted to say that if you really want to save $$$, using plain old waxed paper & a Sharpie to trace patterns works very well—although it’s not terribly practical on items with lots of very large pieces, where the waxed paper would have to be pieced.

  7. Sandy

    I use a large roll of tissue from Clotilde…it’s sturdi-ER than Big Four pattern tissue although I wouldn’t call it downright “sturdy” and it’s “continous” as opposed to the kind you use for stuffing into gift bags. (I assume C still has it in her catalogue; I bought enough a while back to last the rest of my natural life!)

  8. bernadette

    I usually cut right into most patterns, after making my alteration markings. Unless they have more than one version of a garment feature (like various sleeves. etc) printed over each other. Then I trace. Also trace if I think I might want to make the pattern in a different size (like for my sister) or share it or sell it on ebay.
    Some years back, I purchased a roll of tracing paper, about 32″ wide by many feet, at an art supply store. And I still have some of it. It is stiff compared to tissue paper but it does not tear so readily. Not sure, but if you do a lot of tracing, it’s probably cheaper than similar paper sold at sewing stores.

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