One Sexy Dress

Just in the nick of time, my dress was finished for my sister-in-law’s wedding reception – and my frantic pace sewing to get it done was well worth it! I’m in love with this dress.
For this pattern I used a size 8 and made minimal modifications. The only thing that I did was take a little over an inch off the skirt length. I had contemplated taking up the bodice length some as well since I was worried about how plunging the neckline was, but decided that I didn’t have time to fiddle with it and left it ‘as is’. The neckline is low, but not revealing and frankly, it looks darn sexy. Overall, the fit is great and I felt fantastic wearing it – it’s a great wrap dress pattern! You can check out a more detailed review of my pattern here.

The fabric was also fantastic to work with – it’s comfortable to wear, has a great amount of stretch and was a dream to work with. If you’ve shied away from working with knits, I highly recommend you contacting Ann about what she’s got in stock – if they’re all like this particular fabric, you’ll never have a fear of stretch again (I also recomend Emma One Sock’s buttermilks, but beware since it’s polyester it won’t breathe like a cotton)!
I also have to send out a HUGE thank you to Bernadette – she not only found the mini calculators that I was looking for in this post, but sent me two of them! Thank you so much, they are PERFECT!

17 thoughts on “One Sexy Dress

  1. Sandy in Wichita

    And well you should love this dress! When you first showed the pattern, I knew it would be a winner. It is a sexy-looking dress…wear lots of those while you’re young!

  2. Laura

    I have a question. I have shied away from knits because I do not own a serger. Do you think you would have been able to make your dress and sew on that fabric successfully with just a sewing machine? Let me know. Maybe I’ll branch out and try sewing with knits. I love to wear knits.
    PS: The dress looks really great!

  3. Sharon

    That *is* one sexy dress. Don’t you just love it when you finish a project that you know is a winner and then its confirmed when you feel good wearing it? Looks like you and your hubby need a date night so you can wear it again.

  4. stacy

    Yes definitely try some knits! I’ve found that ‘quality’ knits makes a huge difference in sewing – stay away from the $1 table at Walmart for awhile, some of them are really unfriendly! LOL. I started getting more confidence sewing knits when I tried out Emma One Sock buttermilks (very user friendly) I mostly made this one with my regular machine, but I did use a serger for the side seams.

  5. Anonymous

    Very impressive lady! What no pictures of you & Brett at the party???? I have to ask though did you notice that the fabric was see through? Did you need to wear a slip or was it ok without? Is the top a double layer or just one? I am contemplating making the New Look 6674 (the view with the contrast band) but I wasn

  6. Stacy

    Thanks everyone! No, no pictures of Bret and I – I brought the camera, but only took photos of the cake cutting and first dance. I never even thought to have someone take pictures of us (Taylor was too busy dancing – she had to have boogied to 90% of the songs)!
    I didn’t wear a slip with it. It’s a bit sheer, but not too much so that I needed to wear something under it. The dress itself has one layer on the left side and is a double layer (the bodice top and drape) on the right, that may have helped keep the sheerness down too.

  7. bernadette

    The dress looks fantastic. I love black & white together.
    Glad you received/liked the tiny calculators. Maybe you can make some green jello magnets for your “Office” friends. haha. Or a set of jello earrings. hahaha
    (I found them at A.C. Moore – a regional craft chain. Their stores are not super large so they don’t have everything but they do have have weekly sales and coupons. Last week I spotted several copies of the newest “Craft” but they were all gone today. I already subscribe anyway. They’d had a “midnight madness” sale – 25% off everything last night. I did not go to that. Too tempting.)

  8. Laurel

    I just got this pattern to make this dress. Your is SO beautiful!
    I bought this fabulous silver metallic, metallic being in for the season and all…
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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