Fat Quarters & Dresses

I’m sure that there are two questions on people’s minds right now when you enter my blog – how’s the dress coming and what did you buy yesterday?

First, let’s tackle the dress. Today is the day of the reception and I’m almost done. It will be complete before we have to head out to the party – thank goodness Taylor has softball this afternoon, because it gives me just enough time to finish it while they’re out practicing! Consequently, completed project photos will have to wait until Sunday’s post (which will probably be put up late in the evening).
Now for the shopping. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in the fat quarter selection – it was slim pickins’! I was hoping to get a group of fabrics that were either bold batiks (that I could use on a black background) or a set that looked like they really coordinated well together. Instead, I settled on these:

The top three are just for fun – a watermelon seed print and 2 Belle prints by Amy Butler. The rest are enough to make a Caddy Corners quilt. I decided that it needed lots of contrast so I’ve opted for a black, white, pink, and turquoise theme. Give me your honest opinion, what do you think (I’m leaning toward omitting the turquoise and just going with black, white, and the bold pink colors)?

10 thoughts on “Fat Quarters & Dresses

  1. Anonymous

    Oh I don’t know I kind of like the turquoise. I think that it adds a pop to the the others. But it’s hard to know without seeing it in the quilt. My mom always draws her quilts out on graph paper so she can get a better idea of hos it will look made up in the colors she is using. Maybe you could give that a try?
    I am looking forward to seeing your dress!

  2. Laura

    I am torn. I like the 4 color combo, but the black, white , pink would be really striking. Our church just had a mission auction last week and someone had made a black, white, pink quilt which was really really cool. I do think the turquoise adds an interesting element.

  3. bernadette

    Just black/white/pink would be most striking. But the turquoise adds fun. So do you want classy and striking or more playful?

  4. Joey

    I kind of think that either the turquoise or the pink should be omitted. Both seem to detract emphasis from the other.
    I agree with Mamafitz. Black / turqoise / white would be great.

  5. zaneta

    I would be excited about your choice..they are all funky and fun…
    Can’t wait to see your dress!!

  6. Jeannie W.

    I honestly like all 4 colors too. I would do with all 4 and think it will turn it out really colorful. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. Cheryl Haley

    I’d keep all 4 colors too, it’ll break it up more & make it more eclectic. BTW, Your dress turned out beautiful…oh to be able to sew like that. You know the 2 Belle fabrics you bought? That is what I made my Amy B coin purse out of. It turned out too cute, even though the pattern was a little harder than anticipated.

  8. Lisa

    I do alot of quilting and thinking the turquoise really helps to break things up. I vote to keep them all.

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