The Bodice

I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the current state of my dress. The upper bodice is complete and the hems are finished. The front drape is also attached and hemmed. Now what’s left is the skirt, it’s hems, and the loop that the drape is strung through! Of course, that means another big day of sewing to get this project complete…….

Actually, I believe that I would have been further along (maybe have the skirt attached) than this if I had read through the directions properly before sewing. I just assumed I knew what I was doing – I just started sewing all the seams together (never thinking about how that drape would be attached) and, consequently, had to rip out some serged edges (DRAT). Note to self: Remember to read the directions before sewing!
Now, I’m off to my fat quarter sale. I’ll be letting you all know what I pick up! Hopefully, my credit card doesn’t catch on fire from too much use.

7 thoughts on “The Bodice

  1. Isabelle

    Your dress is going to be just beautiful with that fabric. Isn’t it blissful to handle? (I made a wrap dress with the same fabric.)
    What a shame about having to rip off serged seams, though.
    Have fun fabric shopping!

  2. Anonymous

    Ohhhhh bummer man! I hate ripping out serged seams. I wouldn’t have thought woould go together like that either! Hmmmm.
    It looks good though & now I want to make my dress out of that same fabric (different dress though).

  3. Crystal

    Love the fabric! Can’t wait to see how this dress turns out. That pattern is fantastic. If only I could get to a store that does the $1.99 and $.99 sales.

  4. stacy

    Yes!!! This fabric is fantastic to work with – in fact I told my husband last night now much I liked working with it….. just so he was prepared if I got more! LOL

  5. zaneta

    Coming along VERYYYY nicely..the fabric is perfect and I think you are going to be sooo happy with the dress..I think you might be safe to finish before the weekend

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